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Bull Season 5 Cancelled Or Renewed? Cast, Plot, Spoilers And What We Know So Far


David Mudd

After standardly dropping down the ratings after each season, will Bull Season 5 be announced?

An American psychological drama based on the early life of a scholarly psychologist, Dr Phil McGraw, who is well famous for his trial consultation firm in the early days of his career.

When will season 5 of Bull be hitting off on television?

The show follows a very strict pattern when it comes to releasing a new season. Bull season 4 was released back in September 2019 and was stretched along to finish my mid-December of 2019. Fans are still eagerly waiting for the last episode of Bull which is going to premiere on 16th of December.

Well as per the CBS announcement Bull has been renewed. Thus the Bull Season 5 is coming soon for the 2020-21 broadcast season.

Although the release date has not been announced yet. But the production is going to begin soon.

Is there a long term future for Bull?

Bull Season 5

The rating of the show was dropped from 2.2 to 1.5 disappointingly which puts CBS in a tight spot whether to continue the show or stop it after season 4. Critics suggest that the show will be renewed as the story has many loose ends to tie.

No guarantee of the show’s future as according to TV series finale, season four is grossing about 6.07 million viewers, which is a 10% decrease after season 3.

The fourth season is having an average the rating of 0.63 in the 18-49 demographic compared to season 3, which is down by 17% and 10%, respectively — looking as the stats we can roughly anticipate that the show might take a fall in the near future.

Who all can be seen in season 5 of bull?

Season 4 has still not ended, but the awaited fans are already waiting for season 5. It’s too early to make an assumption on who is going to be on your television screen next season.

All the main characters are for sure going to be in the next season including –

  • Michael Weatherly as Dr Jason Bull
  • Freddy Rodriguez as Benny Colon
  • Geneva Carr as Marissa Morgan
  • Jaime Lee Kirchner as Danny James
  • Christopher Jackson as Chunk Palmer
  • MacKenzie Meehan as Taylor Rentzel

What was the scandal between the co-star members of Bull during the filming of season 4?

Weatherly was accused of sexual harassment on former cast member Eliza Dushku. Her contract was terminated when she confessed about getting sexually harassed by Weatherly.

Dushku said that Weatherly had not given her a formal apology to her, and was later awarded a payout of $9.5 million by CBS.

Weatherly later responded saying, “During the course of taping our show, I made some jokes mocking some lines in the script. I was mortified to have offended her and immediately apologized. After reflecting on this further, I better understand that what I said was both not funny and not appropriate and I am sorry and regret the pain this caused Eliza.” was his sincere apology for his misbehavior.

Steven Spielberg’s Exit

Despite the ongoing #metoo controversy, CBS renewed the show for the fourth season. Right after the announcement, Steven Spielberg’s production house Amblin Television dropped out from producing the legal hit drama. At the time of this shocking announcement, the spokesperson didn’t comment on the reason behind the exit.

However, for some, it was an expected move. Spielberg along with co-heads of Amblin production house – Justin Falvey & Darryl Frank produced the 1st 3 seasons of the Bull tv series as executive producer.

Final Words

Despite all the surrounding controversy, Bull Season 5 is all set to release in Fasll 2020. Would you watch it when it airs on CBS?
Now, if you ask me, as a legal drama show it’s an amazing show.
Although, at the time of writing this post, I’m in the 3rd season, but so far I’ve found the tv series to be quite real. Once I catch up with rest of the episodes, I would love to watch Bull Season 5. That was me. What about you?
Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section given below.

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