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Who is Bryce Harper Wife And Everything Else We Know About Him

Who is Bryce Harper Wife? How is his personal life? Baseball star Bryce Harper is well-known in the United States. In 2010, he began playing baseball professionally. He has a strong track record and achieved remarkable heights as a result of his dedication to baseball and hard effort. Harper’s playing earned him numerous accolades and prizes. He received the renowned Golden Spikes Award in 2010. We will examine Bryce Harper’s personal and professional information in this post.

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It was revealed that Bryce Harper wed Kayla Varner in 2016. Only a small number of guests were present at their intimate church wedding. The pair are currently enjoying their marriage. They communicate well with one another and have posted a photo of their family online. Two children were a blessing for the couple.

Bryce Harper Early Life

Bryce Ron and Sheri Harper welcomed Aaron Maz Harper into the world on October 16, 1992, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Bryan is the name of his elder brother. He attended Las Vegas High School and graduated in October 2009 with a General Educational Development diploma. This qualified him for the amateur draught in June 2010, which would have allowed him to start a baseball professional career. Harper joined the Scenic West Athletic Conference’s College of Southern Nevada in 2010. He made a statement by breaking the old-school record of 12 home runs with 31 hits. As a result, he received the SWAC Player of the Year award.

bryce harper wife

He played effectively in the West district finals of the 2010 NJCAA World Series, going 6-for-7 with 5 RBIs and a cycle. He was dismissed from a National Junior College World Series game on June 2 after home plate umpire Don Gilmore declared the third strike. He was suspended for two games as a result of it being his second ejection of the season. His amateur career came to an end as a result. He did, however, win the 2010 Golden Spikes Award because of his aptitude and capacity.

Bryce Harper Wife

The Philadelphia Phillies’ 29-year-old right fielder Bryce Harper plays for that team. In the 2010 MLB Draft, the Washington Nationals selected him first overall. Later, Harper spent six years playing in Washington, D.C. He and his current squad agreed to a ground-breaking 13-year contract in 2019. Kayla Harper has been by his side during his long baseball career, beginning with the time when Sports Illustrated labeled him “Baseball’s LeBron.”

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Sean and Liz Varner welcomed Kayla Harper, formerly Kayla Varner, into the world on November 4, 1992, in Henderson, Nevada. Along with her two siblings, Markus and McKay, she grew raised as a Mormon.

Varner was a skilled athlete herself. She even played soccer for Green Valley High School once, when she captained the squad for three years. She got the 2011 NSCAA Senior Excellence Award in addition to twice being named the Nevada High School Player of the Year.

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She later enrolled at Brigham Young University to study interior design, but eventually changed her major to communications at Ohio State University. 2015 saw her graduate soon after. The 29-year-old OSU alumna maintains a pretty low profile despite being fairly active on Instagram. Despite having 121,000 followers, she is not an influencer. The delighted mother of two frequently only shares amusing photos of her friends and family and her everyday life.

How Did Bryce Harper Wife Meet Him

Well, according to Heavy, the couple started dating in high school around 2010. They dated for a while before getting engaged in 2014. But when news of their purported breakup in 2015 reached their fans, they were devastated. On Instagram, the Philly star had removed pictures of the two.

bryce harper wife

Fortunately, it appeared that it had ended their problems, as they reconnected in July 2016. They married five months later at the Mormon Temple in San Diego. Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints include Harper and Varner. Varner described the rain as being pretty heavy on the wedding day in an interview with The Knot News

Bryce Harper Family

The couple’s son was born on August 22, 2019. As he cared for his firstborn Krew Aron, Harper was on paternity leave. Brooklyn Elizabeth, a daughter, was their second child and was born in November 2020. Of all, we all remember the horrors of 2020, and Varner’s experience was made even more difficult by the pandemic. It was particularly challenging because Varner needed to be forced a few weeks before Brooklyn Elizabeth, who was supposed to be born in December. She successfully delivered the baby, which is good. In an Instagram post, the pleased mother of two congratulated her own mother, a labor and delivery nurse at the hospital where she gave birth.

Bryce Harper Net Worth

The projected value of Bryce Harper is $70 million. He has a distinguished track record as a successful baseball player. In the Washington Nationals in 2010, he made his professional debut. He is referred to be a “five-tool player.” His money has grown as a result of his baseball career success, and he is now leading a luxurious lifestyle.

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