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Bruno Mars And Jessica Caban Relationship Completed More Than 11 Years!

Bruno Mars and his long-term girlfriend Jessica Caban have stayed together for a long time. Their relationship began in 2011 and they continue to remain in the relationship today. The couple is one of the most popular celebrity partners in Hollywood and remained together for more than a decade. 

Fans are already excited about their relationship and they have been wondering about their future. The couple has been private and they are focusing on their professional career. They have been living together for a long time and own a mansion in Los Angeles. 

Both Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban are actively working in the Hollywood entertainment industry and are quite driven with their life. They even have a Rottweiler puppy named Geronimo which has been living with them since 2012. 

Fans want to know what their current status is and they are even wondering what their future goal holds. In this article, we will take a trip regarding their life. Continue reading the article to find out everything. 

Bruno Mars And Jessica Caban

Jessica Caban And Bruno Mars Cheers For Each Other!

To maintain a long time healthy relationship, couples need to follow specific rules and regulations in order to be better partners. There are certain things that a person needs to follow while living in a relationship. Nothing comes perfectly but what seeks attention is the efforts made by your partner for you. In that terms. Jessica has always been there. She has supported the singer through thicks and thins and this is what inspired him to go on. 

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Jessica is the #1 supporter of his partner. Not only this but Jessica and Bruno have been with each other and supported each other’s work. When the couple initially started their relationship, in the same year, Bruno had gone through a lot of things. It was the breakout time for the singer and he has been anxious about his career. 

But after getting support from his lover, he managed to get the top rank on billboard, and in the same year, he became the artist with the most number of listeners on Spotify.

His song,  ‘Just The Way You Are’ was all over the internet and it managed to get the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance at the Grammys. Jessica shared her excitement with the media and said she is proud of him.

Bruno and Jessica At Grammys

The singer has been nominated for Grammys nearly every year. Ever since the couple started dating, Jessica always supported her partner in the journey, they two have been together for 11 years and every year she accompanied her to the grammy awards.

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On the contrary, Bruno always acknowledged her girlfriends and tried to keep her in the speech. He always mentioned her in the speech and this made fans excited.

How Jessica Handles the Tour?

For a singer, concerts are a pretty normal thing, they have to make sure that they come and perform for their fans and it is one of their major sources of earrings. While being on the tour, the couple might feel left out or alone but both Jessica and Bruno have their way with it.

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Jessica always tries her best to support her partner while touring, if she has an off day, she makes sure to visit him and this is what makes their relationship super connected. Also, Bruno likes the little surprises his partner offers her. He has already shared with the people how his girlfriend came to the concert.  

Bruno Mars’s Songs that Are About Jessica Caban

Bruno Mars is known for his different style. The singer has already written many songs in the past and there is no wonder that he has written songs about his partner. Many singers wrote songs about their relationships and past exes and it brings more excitement to her fans. 

At the time, the singer was working on this upcoming album with his friend Anderson Paak. Talking about the songs, he has written many songs and has also written about his partner. Fans expressed that ‘Just The Way You Are’ and “Marry You” are majorly inspired by Jessica. 

Along with this, ‘When I Was Your Man’ is one of the songs that Bruno confirmed to write about her. 

Bruno Mars And Jessica Caban Have Teamed Up On Projects

Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban have stayed with their partner for a long time and they have proven themselves as a couple. Bruno Mars has teamed up on projects and released songs like Funny or Die. 

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