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Bruna Marquezine Wedding: Is There Marriage for Real or Just Another Publicity Stunt?

Many social media users have been confused over an alleged wedding video of Neymar's ex Bruna Marquezine.

Neymar and his ex Bruna Marquezine have wound up in the social media spotlight after a video with them became a web sensation on TikTok.

The Brazilian football star and Bruna, a model and actress, started dating in 2012 before they officially called it stops in 2018.

The two have turned into a web sensation after an alleged wedding video started moving on destinations like TikTok and Twitter. Here is the moving clasp explained.

bruna marquezine wedding

Neymar and Bruna’s Video Explained

A viral video has circulated on several social media platforms that shows Neymar and his ex Bruna at a wedding.

Bruna is wearing a long blue dress which appears to be a bridesmaid outfit as there are two or three young ladies wearing similar dresses.

The clasp gained popularity on TikTok before it proceeded to become viral on Twitter and Instagram.

Is Bruna’s Wedding Video Real?

No. Bruna Marquezine didn't seal the deal and Neymar is not attending her wedding!

Apparently Bruna and the other young ladies in the clasp are bridesmaids as they are all wearing blue dresses.

In the event that you search for the video on the internet, you will run over a great deal of variants shared on YouTube in the last couple of months. In any case, it appears as though the clasp has circulated around the web now after it was posted on TikTok.

One social media user explained: “This video is turning into a web sensation on TikTok and it's simply totally made up. The young lady is Bruna Marquezine who is actually Neymar's ex.. be that as it may, as you can clearly tell this video is from a wedding they went to together where she was a bridesmaid… she's also simply not married.

Fans React to the Viral Video

Any reasonable person would agree that various individuals were baffled over the viral video and believed that Neymar attended his ex's wedding.

Yet, there are a many individuals who have brought up that the video wasn't real.

One Twitter user reacted: “I had barely any familiarity with Bruna's job in this wedding however at least I realized it wasn't hers yet her dearest companion's one.”

bruna marquezine wedding

“He and his ex were at a companion's wedding. Indeed, even consider his ex Bruna to be a bridesmaid in it,” explained another user.

Another person added: “Haha that Neymar wedding video is fake. His ex was only a bridesmaid there.

NEYMAR Is Apparently Back With His Ex After Images Arose of the Pair Apparently Kissing at a Wedding.

The world's most costly footballer had been dating actress and model Bruna Marquezine on-and-off beginning around 2013, however they split up in June of this year.

The pair had recently separated before back in 2014 before reuniting, yet this time things were said to end for great.

Neymar conceded at the time, notwithstanding, that he and Marquezine had finished enjoying a positive outlook.

And it appears to be that the pair may well revive their romance after they were snapped snogging at a wedding.

The 25-year-old sported a black hat as he and Bruna appeared to lock lips under the disco lights on the dancefloor.

Neymar Was Back in Brazil As of Late as Part of the International Break

And he used that opportunity to also attend the service of actress Marina Ruy Barbosa and racing car driver Xande Negrao.

At the wedding, Neymar was caught on camera drawing near to his ex Marquezine.

Visitors snapped the couple cosying dependent upon each other, while one picture appeared to show them kissing.

Neymar and Marquezine's romance is one of the most high-profile points in Brazil and regularly dominates tattle segments of magazines.

This latest episode has sent people talking again and speculation is overflowing that the pair could be reuniting.

Neymar was also spotted all over town in London fourteen days ago with F1 star Lewis Hamilton as the pair attended London Fashion Week shows and after parties.

bruna marquezine wedding

Who Is Neymar’s Ex-Girlfriend?

Before knowing whether Neymar's ex's wedding was real, let me fill you who we are talking in about. The video which became a web sensation on the internet last year features Brazilian footballer Neymar's ex Bruna Marquezine.

The individuals who are following Neymar's dating history may know that Neymar and Bruna's romantic excursion was a major talk of the interest for individuals back then.

For the uninitiated, Neymar dated the model-actress Bruna back in 2012. The couple was in a committed relationship and was much of the time caught in the cameras getting a charge out of supper dates and partying around.

Bruna usually accompanied Neymar on his visits and was seen applauding him during the matches. They officially dated for around four years before calling it to stop in 2018. In 2018, the couple officially announced their breakup and split their ways.

After three years of their breakup, a video of Bruna wearing a beautiful blue dress became a web sensation. It seemed as though she was at a wedding.

The rumor assumed control over the internet that Neymar's Ex-girlfriend Bruna got married, and he attended her wedding. Initially, the video circulated around the web on TikTok, and then it took over Twitter and even Instagram. Things being what they are, is Neymar's Ex-girlfriend's wedding real?

Who Is Neymar Dating Now?

Neymar's ongoing relationship status is very hazy. He appears to be single, however it may also be conceivable he may be seeing somebody in private and waiting for the right second to reveal that in broad daylight. His latest girlfriend was Natalia Barulich.

bruna marquezine wedding

They met back in 2018 at Neymar's birthday party. Natalie's then-boyfriend Maluma performed at Neymar's birthday party, and Natalie accompanied him. After her breakup with the vocalist in 2019, the model started dating the star footballer. In February 2020, Natalia officially announced their relationship.

Be that as it may, the romance didn't last for long, and the next year they split their ways. Before Natalie, he was in a relationship with Bruna. Bruna and Neymar's relationship frequently raises a ruckus around town despite the fact that they finished it.


According to a caption on the video, It's claimed that Neymar made a promise to his ex Bruna Marquezine that he would attend her wedding, in spite of calling it stops two or three years back.

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