Browndages Net Worth: A Drastic Change Before and After “Shark Tank”?


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Browndages is a Bandages brand that took part in Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 20 that kept various kinds of Bandages. It doesn’t just have Bandages, yet it additionally sells things like night wear, sacks, covers, and so on.

Browndages Secures A $100k Deal On ‘Shark Tank’ With Daymond John, Lori Greiner And Mark Cuban

Dark and Brown people group realize that it is trying to find items that take care of their individual culture and needs. For instance, the straightforward need of tracking down a glue gauze to cover a scratch or cut, most customary swathes are tissue hued however just oblige the white populace.

In any case, the absence of different gauzes that come in different skin appearances set out a showcasing freedom for couple Intisar Bashir and Rashid Mahdi to deliver Browndages in 2018 when they couldn’t find wraps that fit the complexion of their youngsters, as per Sportskeeda.

Today, the Browndage brand incorporates character swathes that take special care of ethnic minorities with more profound complexions, First Aid units, flexible wraps, recuperating emollients, and nightgown, ABC reports.

The couple team showed up under the steady gaze of judges on ABC’s Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 20 on April 15, 2022, and introduced their comprehensive gauze organization in order to get a $75k bargain for 7.5% value. Nonetheless, the sharks communicated worry that bigger organizations could produce new varieties and plans, as per Meaww.

browndages net worth

Intisar and Rashid contended they have a faithful client base that expanded throughout the mid year dissent of 2020 after the George Floyd murder. Their web-based entertainment followers expanded from 10k to 75k, and they made 130k in deals, and they made sense of that once another client knows about their item, they wind up buying the wraps.

Kevin O’Leary offered the pair 75k for 15% value in their organization however was immediately usurped by Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, and Daymond John, who offered 100k for a 30% stake in the brand, designating 10% to each shark.

Intisar and Rashid gave a counteroffer of 22%, however at that point the three sharks expanded an arrangement for $100k for 30% with a $75k credit line. The couple entrepreneurs arranged the value to 25% for $100k with a $75k credit line for which the adjudicators concurred, Meaww reports.

Browndages On ‘Shark Tank’: What Is The Expense, Who Are The Originators, And About The Comprehensive Gauzes

With regards to clinical units, bandaids are an unquestionable necessity. Everybody uses them to manage cuts and injuries. And keeping in mind that they are intended to be skin-shaded to mix in, they only sometimes finish the work for darker looking individuals.

Assuming you’ve been waiting to pounce for a bandaid that suits your complexion, then, at that point, Browndages is where it is at!

browndages net worth

What Are Browndages?

Browndages is a cement gauze brand that expects to be comprehensive, seeing that it arrives in various varieties that are not frequently seen in customary swathes.

Accessible in a scope of more profound complexions, the brand means to take special care of minorities, seeing that wraps in the market frequently take care of lighter skins or are accessible in just standard tones.

The brand has positively grown an incredible following, with entertainer Lupita N’yongo being one of their clients also.

She even Instagrammed a photograph of herself shaking Browndages, with the inscription — “At last, a wrap that mixes! Much thanks to you, @browndages for assisting me with hiding my ungainliness! (Tip: clear off your shea spread for the best stick.)”

browndages net worth

Bandage Rips Off Black-Owned Businesses’ Idea With New Line Of Bandages

Considering ongoing occasions, Band-Aid is sending off another line of swathes that reflect conceals for hazier complexions.

We stand in fortitude with our Black associates, teammates and local area in the battle against bigotry, brutality and shamefulness,” Band-Aid reported on Instagram. “We are focused on sending off a scope of gauzes in light, medium and profound shades of Brown and Black complexions that embrace the excellence of different skin.”

Notwithstanding their comprehensive line of items, Band-Aid says it will make a $100,000 gift to the Black Lives Matter development, reports CNN. While the brand accepts it’s doing the equitable (and clearly right) thing, they were quickly met with analysis.

Numerous virtual entertainment users highlighted the Johnson and Johnson brand’s absence of inclusivity, which ought to have been occurred 100 years sooner. They additionally noticed the organizations that already offer glue gauzes for Black and Brown individuals, Black-possessed Browndages and Tru-Color.


Who Claims Browndages?

For a really long time, Rashid Mahdi and Intisar Bashir’s organization went unnoticed. The couple pair sent off Columbus, Ohio-based Browndages, which sells a different cluster of skin-conditioned gauzes, in 2018.

Is Tru Variety Wraps Dark Claimed?

They additionally noticed the organizations that already offer cement swathes for Black and Brown individuals, Black-possessed Browndages and Tru-Color.

browndages net worth

Amazing, at long last. 99 years in the wake of making bandages, Johnson and Johnson reports its contribution a tissue variety that doesn’t simply match white skin. Took sufficiently long.

Did Browndages Get a Shark Tank Bargain?

Browndages Secures A $100k Deal On ‘Shark Tank’ With Daymond John, Lori Greiner And Mark Cuban. Dark and Brown people group realize that it is trying to find items that take care of their separate culture and needs.


Cardboard box of Browndages brand cement swathes. The family-possessed organization, Browndages, was established in 2018 in Columbus, Ohio by the couple group, Rashid Bashir and Intisar Madhi. The container contains twenty wraps in five shades, going from dim to light brown.

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