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Brooklyn 99 Avengers Heist Episode: Every Marvel Reference Explained


David Mudd

The latest episode of Brooklyn 99 had many elements themed around Marvel. And we have collaborated these instances for you to revisit the incredible crossover.

The References Explained (Brooklyn 99)

  • Our dog Cheddar has a stylish entry just like Iron Man topped with rock music playing in the background.
  • Jack called Terry a “big, strong brute”- which is similar to the title given to Hulk long ago. 
  • There are numerous time jumps in the episode. In other words we can compare it to Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.
  • If your observation is keen, you’d have noticed that the balloon hanging from the window. This balloon resembled the Reality Stone. It was similar in shape and colour.
  • Jake tries to discover the bullpen. But there is a twist. He does so without taking the help of his vision, and this replicates Daredevil’s out-of-this-world abilities.
  • Holt pointed out Cheddar, a “thicc king“-this is hilarious as it is one of the many nicknames given to Thanos over social media.
  • The stones in the heist which were guard by Bill reminded of MCU initially, where a particular individual defend the stones. 

    Brooklyn 99

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    Crossover Continued

  • The squad’s newest puzzle is the infinity stones. And is in direct accordance with Avengers title “time heist”.
  • Rosa had to visit the brutal memories of the past, just like the team in Avengers Endgame. Rosa was repeatedly lock in the bathroom with Scully and this was very horrifying for her.
  • Terry’s smoothies were properly colour code. Each of the smoothies resembled a colour from one of the infinity stones.
  • Rosa slyly exchanged the gems under her competitor’s nose. And the strategy was similar to the one used by Tony Stark against Thanos in Avengers Endgame. As a result of this, victory found its way to Rosa.
  • Bill’s life experiences declines in the hygiene practice. In addition to this, his appearance can be compare to that of Thor.
  • The vests on Bunny suits had the resemblance of the infinity stones.

Brooklyn 99

Did you enjoy this fun crossover episode? What were your favorite picks? Let us know in the comment section below!

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