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Britney And Her Surreal TikTok Clip

Britney Spears blesses fans with her most hypnotic TikTok video yet and we can’t stop watching

The Situation

Britney Spears was apparently in a great mood on Thursday after her florist surprised her with a gorgeous flower arrangement.

So now, what better way to celebrate than hopping on TikTok and showing the world a cute little sexy video.

The singer captioned the clip: ‘HOLY HOLY CRAP 😍 !!!!!! My florist surprised me today by making the flower arrangement all different colours….. I was so excited I threw on my favourite yellow shirt and just had to SHARE.’

The video sees the 38-year-old holding on to her bouquet and smiling at the camera, as she stands in front of a white background.

Then the clip takes a surprising turn with the singer deciding to strut back and forth in front of the camera.

Uhm, I had to check twice if I was hallucinating or she was literally just walking back and forth.

The Pretext

Keeping her thumbs hooked through the belt loops of her short shorts, the Lucky hitmaker is all smiles as the flips her head from side to side.

All while The Weeknd’s hit song Blinding Lights plays in the background.

Is it a loop? Does she really just walk back and forth for one minute?

I still have no clue. Do you? *rolls on the floor laughing*

The End

As natural as it gets, fans couldn’t help but comment in reaction to the clip.

One of the users wrote : ‘When you get flowers and see the need to enter and exit from stage right and left repeatedly. I know I do.’

Another adds: ‘When you haven’t figured out how to use boomerang so you just make your own.’

These comments surely made me hella laugh. I’m sure it did the same to you. *winks*

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