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Enthusiasts of the BBC murder secret dramatization Shetland were vexed when they took in the show would close toward the finish of Season 7. Lead actor Douglas Henshall, who plays the primary person DI Perez, reported his takeoff on July 23, 2022. Fortunately, he leaves fans with one last hurrah: a six-episode Season 7.

This has yet to be addressed, when will Shetland Season 7 be on BritBox? Here’s everything we know up to this point.

When Will ‘Shetland’ Season 7 Be on BritBox?

For those new to the UK-based decoration, BritBox is BBC and ITV’s computerized membership administration. Albeit some BBC shows are gone through PBS Masterpiece in the US, for a more extensive scope of UK TV, there’s BritBox!

Well-known shows accessible for gushing on the stage incorporate a few Agatha Christie transformations, All Creatures Great and Small, Antiques Roadshow (UK), and Brideshead Revisited, and that’s just the beginning.

The show Shetland depends on a progression of wrongdoing books by writer Ann Cleeves. The story follows DI Jimmy Perez as he explores murders that happen on the Shetland Islands.

britbox shetland season 6

As well as unloading every one of the wrongdoings, the show frequently investigates Perez’s relationships, for example, with his stepdaughter Cassie and Cassie’s introduction to the world father, Duncan.


All in all, when will Shetland Season 7 show up on BritBox? Season 7 starts broadcasting on BBC One on Aug. 10, 2022. During Season 6, episodes of Shetland were transferred on BritBox around fourteen days after the show circulated on TV, as per BBC America.

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It’s almost certain this configuration will continue as before for Season 7, implying that fans can likely anticipate that the furthest down-the-line season should be added to BritBox’s setup around Aug. 24, 2022.

It seems like Shetland fans will not have to stand by awfully well before the show will be accessible on BritBox. Meanwhile, new episodes will air week after week on BBC One in the UK. Seasons 1-6 of the show are as of now accessible on BritBox.

Who Are the Cast of Shetland Season 6?

A considerable lot of our old top choices from past seasons are returning for Season 6, including Alison O’Donnell as Tosh, Douglas Henshall as Jimmy, Steven Robertson as DC Sandy Wilson, Fiona Bell as Donna Killick, and Kate Kilmuir as Neve McIntosh.

The show will likewise highlight a few natural countenances from another well-known BBC show series set in Scotland, Vigil.

This incorporates Stephen McCole, Jim Sturgeon, and Lois Chimimba.

Where Was Shetland Season 6 Recorded?

Unlike past seasons, Shetland Season 6 will happen altogether in the Shetlands, without any scenes taking the group back to Glasgow or other areas of Scotland.

Remote shooting and cagey creation imply we have close to zero familiarity with precisely where the show was recorded or what will happen in the impending season.

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With an emphasis on the Shetland Isles and a commitment to a case that straightforwardly influences individuals living there, we’re certain we’re in for a dangerous season.

When Might I at Any Point Watch Shetland Season 6?

The main episode of Season 6 circulated on Wednesday, October twentieth at 9 pm on BBC One.

A week-after-week episode will follow every Wednesday following for quite a long time, everyone broadcasting at 9 pm.

Assuming that you missed an episode, you can get up to speed now on BBC iPlayer.

What Happened in Episode 1?

Shetland episode 1 acquaints us with a shiny new case, including the homicide of famous legal counsellor Alex Galbraith (Jim Sturgeon).

DI Jimmy Perez (Douglas Henshall) is by and by engaged with figuring out what happened, however, it won’t be simple as there’s an entire host of suspects who could all have explanations behind needing him dead.

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The considerable rundown of suspects incorporates a mother who lost care of her children in one of Galbraith’s cases, an ex-warrior who is irate that Galbraith refused to address him, as well as somebody connected to Galbraith’s better half, who is running in a neighbourhood by-political race and has the support of a nearby money manager, so it seems like the departed has a ton of foes.

What Happened in Episode 2?

Eamon Gauldie’s destiny on board the boat is uncovered, and the race is on to attempt to figure out what caused his demise.

Jimmy interviews the existing support managers of the boat and accepts that somebody on board was requested to get freed Gauldie by disrupting a decompression chamber on the boat before he could address the police about Alex Galbraith’s homicide.

What Happened in Episode 3?

Linda Morton and her escort (later uncovered as Curtis Galt) endeavour to escape.

While he goes to dump the vehicle he used to run over Sandy (who has endured the assault), Linda called Jimmy from inside the cargo holder Curtis secured her and she is saved and afterwards taken in to be interrogated, where in the long run surrenders Curtis’s character.

britbox shetland season 6

What Happened in Episode 4?

*Spoiler warning!*

Shetland’s most recent episode saw Jimmy and the remainder of the crew attempting to track down Logan Creggan as he looked for vengeance for Fraser’s demise.

Jimmy secures the island so nobody can leave while Logan is at large, and the group figures out that his most memorable objective is Eve Galbraith. Fortunately, they mediate so as to stop him.

What Happened in Episode 5?

*Monstrous spoilers ahead*

In the penultimate episode of Shetland, we discovered that Logan wouldn’t be accused of the demise of his own child.

In the interim, Tosh figured out an urgent detail that could embroil Niven Guthrie: Niven had taken care of Carrie McAndrew’s business obligations only one day before Eamon Gauldie kicked the bucket on the boat which she was the culinary specialist on!

What Happened in Episode 6?

Lyn Harrison is in serious consideration after her assault, and there weren’t any observers so Jimmy gets Niven Guthrie and Darren Bedford for addressing.

In the end, Darren breaks under tension and admits that he, Niven and Galbraith, and Lyn Harrison took care of Marianne’s passing to safeguard their career and that Galbraith had concluded him at last needed to tell the world what happened not long before he kicked the bucket.

britbox shetland season 6

Will There Be a Seventh Season?

Indeed! Shetland was restored for seasons six and seven back in Dec. 2019. Coronavirus postponed shooting on the 6th season, yet creation on the seventh season has already started so we ought to hope to see it air at some point in 2022.


Shetland season 6 has now circulated in the UK, yet there are even more episodes to come for US readers. Douglas Henshall, who plays driving man DI Jimmy Perez, has proclaimed he’s happy to be back for another run of the enormously famous wrongdoing show.

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