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Brightburn 2: Release Date | Plot | Cast


David Mudd

Brightburn is a superhero horror movie by David Yarovesky.To put it in simple terms, Brightburn is a retake on DC’s Superman’s origination story. . The movie is truly thought-provoking in many ways. It’s about a universe in which an alien baby doesn’t quite turn out to be the benevolent superhero that everyone needs. Brightburn 2 is a must watch.

It rather explores an alternate possibility that somehow makes more sense in a cynical dystopian world. Here the baby from another planet is more likely to be interpreted as a sleeper cell agent from some ominous force whose evil powers are activated when he is 12. The malevolent side of power and power hunger is hereby unleashed upon Earth and there is no one to stop it. 

The intriguing narrative is drawn out of fear and paranoia which are crucial parts of the collective consciousness of the modern era. The following article is an endeavor to cover every detail regarding Brightburn and its sequel — Brightburn 2 

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Plot of Brightburn 2

Brightburn re-imagines the plot of DC’s most famous superhero — Superman. It is an inversion of the origin of Superman. The movie is made on a logical hypothesis — what if a super-powerful alien were sent to earth to destroy it?  

Initially, the plot seems similar to the Superman story. Tori and Kyle are a childless couple. They both are ready to be parents and luck doesn’t favor them. One day, a spaceship crashes in their backyard and they find a baby boy in the ship. Though Kyle is not too happy with taking this baby in, he cannot refuse Tori as he knows how much it means to her. 

As both of them become parents, soon they realize that this boy(they name him Brandon) is not ordinary. He has unbelievable powers due to his alien heritage. 

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Brightburn vs. Superman 

featuring superman from brightburn 2
Is Brightburn 2 the ‘what-if’ version of the universe?

Since the story is inspired by Superman, a comparison between Brightburn by David Yarovesky and Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel is inescapable. Both movies deal with super powerful aliens yet they are very different in their storyline and conclusion. 

Brightburn simply asks one question: what if Superman had gone down the path of destruction?  

By answering this question, the movie has set its path. When Brandon is 12, the vengeful side of his powers is revealed. When he becomes aware of the range of his power, he rightfully believes himself to be “superior”.

With his extreme form of superiority complex and the pre-set motto ” Take the World “, he quickly unleashes his powers upon those that are around him. His vengeful spirits take over his seemingly normal and restrained self.

This is the point where it marks a striking difference from Snyder’s Superman: Man of Steel. Superman, who was brought up as Clark, faces too many challenges of being an ultra-powered alien. But he gets scared and feels like this shouldn’t happen.

He can’t easily own up to the fact that he is so very different from others. He doesn’t seem to care much about this power and just wants to protect his family and avoid attention. His parents truly love him as their child.

They teach him how to handle and hide his power. It is their inherent goodness that Superman inculcates. His powers are something that he was born with and tried not to make a big deal out of it. 

In Brandon’s case, his mother turns a blind eye to the early signs of his abuse of power. She completely ignores the fact that Brandon is not a normal child and she needed to accept that. Brandon’s father, instead of loving him or supporting him, gets angry, and more than that, he is terrified. Both parents fail to communicate with Brandon. No one explains to him the importance of goodness. They just assume he knows about being good or will know about it. 

The scariest part of all is how Brandon enjoys his powers. He has fun while killing and freaking people out. His responses are similar to a Psychopath. Murder fascinates him. He has no sense of remorse. He keeps chanting his motto ” Take the World “. 

His murderous rage knows no bounds and it’s best reflected in the scene where his uncle Noah is trapped inside his crashed car and Brandon goes forward, takes a little blood from Noah’s face, and just looks at it in a way that unmistakably reads bloodlust. The drawings in his school sketchbook are another example of how he has been cherishing twisted death fantasies and World Domination. 

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Actors of Brightburn 2

featuring brightburn from dc's brightburn 2
The evil has found its superhero!

Elizabeth Banks as Tori Bryer and David Denman as Kyle Bryer have done a great job. Banks is awesome in the role of a woman desperate to be a mother and a fierce protectress of her son. The moment of her disillusionment bears her powerful acting.  

Jackson Dunn has played the role of 12-year-old Brandon Bryer and indeed he is the Bright Burn. He shines in his light. This young actor has won our hearts and we would love to see him more in the Sequel.

A great directorial effort

Brightburn is directed by David Yaroveski, who is also known for his sci-fi horror The Hive. Both movies highlight one common ground– Yarovski’s efficiency is not to be questioned when it comes to portraying horror sequences. The Hive had loud and gruesome horror scenes whereas Brightburn has a different approach to horror. 

In Brightburn, the horror is created through the actions of a little boy who turns out to be an Evil Alien with a crazy superpower. Brandon, a.k.a. Brightburn uses his power to kill, but not necessarily for a reason. He kills for fun and before killing plays a little hunting game, letting the prey think they have escaped.

His toying is seriously disturbing. He even hunts his mother, without thinking twice. One might find it scary, seeing how easily Brandon accepts his overwhelming power. His eating cereals after killing his uncle Noah is downright psychopathic. Perhaps the better word for the movie is menacing. It disturbs us, psychologically and deep down, it’s hard to cancel on the probability of this narrative. 

This is where David Yarovesky has done an admirable job as a director. 

James Gunn as Producer of Brightburn 2

James Gunn, who is famous for his Guardians of Galaxy, is the producer of this movie. This movie is co-written by his younger brother Mark Gunn and Cousin Brian Gunn. James Gunn has said he loved how David Yarovesky ‘s ideas regarding the horror plot and the music to match the mood have impressed him. He contemplates that Brandon is not Freddie Krueger from Nightmare at Elm Street; there is something very human in him.

This is the reason that hooked James Gunn for the project in the first place.

The scope for Brightburn 2 

showcasing the dark world of brigburn
The end of Brightburn 2 introduces a darker version of Wonder Woman and Aquaman!

The ending of Brightburn post-credit shows two things — a destructive Brightburn engaged in monstrous activities and a YouTube-based conspiracy theorist, known as Big T, who claims that there are many more extraterrestrial beings who exist. He mentions a witch who uses her lasso to choke people and makes them speak the truth. The second one is half -man half – sea creature who drowns the ships. The two theories refer to  Wonder Woman and  Aqua man respectively. 

An Evil Superman, has just got the taste of blood, and two other potential superhuman beings on loose — have driven fans crazy and they believe in the possibility of a sequel.  

In addition, Brightburn, which generated moderate to good business, has done exceedingly well on Netflix and has become one of the most-watched shows. This has overwhelmed James Gunn himself and he took to Twitter to express his joy. 

Release date of Brightburn 2

Even though there have been strong discussions of Brightburn 2, no specific date is out yet, regarding the venture. Sources speculate that no official information will be out before 2022 as Gunn is now busy with Guardians of Galaxy 3 and The Suicide Squad.


Brightburn is simply a great watch. It explores the genre of horror against the backdrop of alien-superpower movies and it does so with neatness and precision. Yarovesky’s success lies in the fact that he has successfully made us afraid of a little boy who turns out to be much more than his adoptive parents bargained for. 

The movie also thrives on the conflict between nature and nurture. Brandon’s mother and father both stand for very different ideas of parenting which becomes a key factor in deciding their fate. 

Until the second part of this comes out, you can always enjoy the first one on Netflix. It might not look so but it is indeed one of the uncomfortably creepiest movies ever.

So stay tuned for further updates.