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Bright 2: Movie In Talks To Be Directed By The Incredible Hulk Director


David Mudd

Incredible Hulk Director Louis Leterrier in Talks for Bright 2

About Bright 2

Yup, it’s official! The man behind the insanely gripping The Incredible Hulk, Clash Of The Titans and Now You See Me, Leterrier has been reportedly chosen to direct the awaited sequel of Bright 2!

Bright 2, a fantasy crime movie was released on the 22nd of December, 2017. I have fresh memories of hitting the nearest theater right after my classes ended, and the whole goddamn movie hall was dead silent, in order to not miss even a single moment of what they were watching!

Bright easily became the most-viewed Netflix movie ever, just in the first week of its release. And that’s not just about it. It was a Netflix original, so kudos to the team!



Having grossed millions of viewership, Bright was streamed in more than 150 countries where it stood strong as the highest-watched movie.

Although it wasn’t totally well received by critics, with a few sites giving it barely any stars, it was super-hit among its viewers!

The sequel’s news broke all records as well with fans going mad over the possible date for its release!

What To Expect (Bright 2)

Netflix has been hoping to start the entire process of shooting and production right after this pandemic ends(I wonder if it will, at all)

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So for those who have absolutely no idea regarding Bright, well, the thriller takes place in L.A but has references from mythology, which gives the story an entirely stupendous vibe while it deals with harsh realities of today.’

Bright 2

Bright was directed by Ayer, but now that he has dropped out of it, reports were that there might be more delay regarding the entire production.

Recently, Louis Leterrier was confirmed to be taking charge and now we are all the more certain the sequel is going to be BANG ON! Plus, there’s Will Smith and Joel Edgerton to flow their magic anyway! *winks*