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Bridgerton : What Lies Ahead For The Series As Netflix Shuts Down Production


David Mudd

Bridgerton is an upcoming Netflix series based on Julia Quinn’s best-selling novels of the same name. The romance novel of Quinn is ready to turn into a series which will be created by Chris Van Dusen and produced by Shonda Rhimes.

Bridgerton Plot

The book from which the series is adapted follows the life of a well to do family settled in Regency-era London. Netflix hasn’t given out any crucial details on how the adaption of Bridgerton is going to be like, but since the book has a strong plotline, we hope Netflix adapts a good version of it if not better.


The book is a collection of eight novels. Each of them focuses on the life of one of the eight children. Netflix hasn’t dropped any notable hints for us to dwell upon, but just that the drama will unfold the sexy, lavish and competitive world of Regency London high society.

Bridgerton: Release Date 

The romantic drama is currently in production from July 2019. We expected the show to release somewhere around in mid or late 2020, but then coronavirus came in. So we have no clue when the series is launching now, it could launch a year later also.

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Netflix Shuts Down Production For The Upcoming Series

Netflix has officially shut down the productions for all its scripted shows amidst the global pandemic. Due to the growing health concern, President Donald Trump even declared a national emergency. All of this led to the shud down of Bridgerton as well.

All the scripted TV shows and films of Netflix are halted from March 13. As the outbreak seems to have no control and stop, it’s not safe for the actors and crew to travel around and shoot outdoors. The US government itself have asked to restrain huge gatherings, go to maintain good health in the country.

Netflix most watched and awaited series like Stranger Things, Riverdale, Sex/Life, Lucifer and many more have halted the production. During the global pandemic, it’s only safe that even the actors stay at home.


And TV series are not immune to coronavirus just like us. The well being and health of the citizens of the entire world is a top priority now and to make sure of it, some changes in our schedules is essential.

As for the future of the upcoming series Bridgerton, it’ll have released probably next year. When everything cools down, Netflix will restart the productions for sure.