Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2 Ending Explained: What Happens to Lady Whistledown?



So, after watching the final episode of Bridgerton, What’s next for Lady Whistledown? There has been a lot of talking about the series. No wonder, Bridgerton is one of the most beloved romantic royal drama shows that has acquired a major fan following all around the world.

The series has grabbed the attention of people, even celebrities like Kim Kardashian, who posted about season 1 of the show, and it instantly blew the internet. Inspired by the popular novel series, Bridgerton already grabbed the attention of people throughout time.

As the finale season rolled on the streaming platform, viewers wanted to know the future of Lady Whistledown. They are already wondering whether Colin and Penelope will make up or not. And, most importantly, who in the world is Michaela Stirling?

Readers should get ready to find the details of Bridgerton season 3 part 2 finale episode and all the other details. Remember, if you haven’t watched the series yet, this article is going to include major spoilers for you. Continue reading the article to find out everything.

Bridgerton Season 3 Ending Explained: What Happens to Lady Whistledown?

Thankfully, the fans of Bridgerton can finally watch all eight episodes of the popular drama series. Though every episode of the series brings new possibilities and thrillers to them, it ain’t surprising that that adds more excitement to the show.

In the finale episodes, the show takes the audience to Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington’s wedding. Before that, the place was filled with tensions, as the newlywed was asked to present in Lady Whistledown’s room. We also watched how Francesca is ready to step into her newlywed life. However, some unexpected incidents changed her mood.

The series comes with big twists and turns. Fans were already aware of how Lady Whistledown was against the romance of Colin and Penoelope. But they were eagerly waiting to watch the couple’s reaction and how they found this out. In episode 6, the truth is finally discovered by Conlin. He was shocked to see her thoughts on their marriage but his love for her wins.

We watched how he continued with his decision to marry her, even committing this. However, he is heartbroken after finding the betrayal and Pen offering him a way out of their engagement. The romantic dancing on the wedding breakfast wins the hearts of the audience.

In the series, we watched how Cressida Cowper unveiled the identity of Whistledown and insisted Pen pay her. She also threatens that if something doesn’t happen according to her, she will reveal the truth. Of course, that works for threatening to reveal the truth to the entire town otherwise. However, this acts as a booster for the love, and it brings them closer.

After getting threatened, Colin was anxious. In the beginning, he asked Cressida to at least lower the amount but that didn’t go according to the plan and she doubled the amount. He was in desperate need of money and that’s when he decided to ask Benedict for help. But, Penelope didn’t like this and she even said that she would not watch Colin to help her. However, he was already looking for sources to arrange the money. On the other hand, she was looking for his love.

To this, he replies, “As long as you live with this secret, there will always be something between us.” Pen responds, “I know. Perhaps that is the key.”

“I wrote about all of you because I was captivated by you, living your lives so out in the open,” Penelope says. “And in writing about all of you, I suddenly felt as if I had a life. I had power. And for anyone in this room who has ever had a taste of that, they should know it can be intoxicating.” She admits to being “careless with that power” and vows to courageously “live a life out in the open” and to “honor one’s weaknesses publicly.” Graciously, the queen grants Pen permission to continue writing as Lady Whistledown “more responsibly.”

Afterward, Colin reconciles Penelope’s voice with Lady Whistledown. “In truth, I have been envious of you—of your success, of your bravery,” he tells his new wife. “And now I simply cannot believe that a woman with such bravery loves me. How lucky I am to stand by your side and soak up even a little bit of your light.” Swoon!

It’s currently uncertain how the gender change will affect Francesca’s storyline. Showrunner Jess Brownell told Netflix’s Tudum, “Part of Francesca’s exploration going forward will be about whether or not something is missing [in her marriage] … You’ll just have to wait to see, going forward, what we do with the addition of Michaela.”

Fast-forward a year later, and the two—along with Penelope’s sisters—are reveling in their happily ever after and welcoming their first child. Although Prudence and Philippa presumably had their daughters first, Penelope’s child is the only son—making him the Featherington heir.

As for Eloise, she finally mends her friendship with her best friend and now sister-in-law, Penelope. Still, she finds herself restless. “I’ve spent nearly all of my life in either Mayfair or at Aubrey Hall,” she laments during a late-night event session with Benedict. “If I’m going to attempt to make a change in the world, certainly I shall need to see some of it first.”

Her final call? Well, fans are deliberately waiting to see that and we see how she is looking to live “outside our tiny bubble” and “have some adventures.” Cheers to new frontiers!

We also watched how John’s cousin, Michaela Stirling, was already presented on the show. When they finally meet in the show, Francesca forgets her name—a callback to a conversation she had with Violet, who said, “When I first met your father, I could barely speak my own name. I was so taken by him. I stumbled over words most familiar.”

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