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Bretman Rock (Da Baddest) Net Worth: How Much He Earn Every Year?

Bretman Rock is a Social Media Influencer and Content creator who is known for his amazing makeup skills along with his hilarious and sarcastic side. The creator has been in the industry for such a long time and entertaining the audience all around the world, The fanbase of Bretman rock is massive and it is mainly because of how he entertained the people through his work, From his you tube videos to his Instagram story, you will see the amazing side of him that will make you his fan. 

No doubt, Bretman has kept most of his life secret. He has already shifted his house to the island and he is already living his best life. Anyone who is his fan must know about him in detail. However, there are still quite a few things that I missed out on. In this article, we’ll be sharing everything about the young Influencer and will be discussing him in detail. 


Bretman Rock was born in  Sanchez Mira, Philippines on 31 July 1998. He used to live there until his parents got divorced and he moved to his mother’s house. Bretman, along with her sister Princess Mae, was gifted to Hawaii where he graduated and performed his schooling. From an early age, Bretman was already an extrovert and has a nature that attracts everyone. He was already performing well in school and he was interested in makeup and content creation. 

At an early age, he used to make vlogs and uploaded them on youtube. Besides this, Bretman was gay and it was hard for him to come out but when he does, his parents accepted him. He went to Campbell High school where he faced a lot of challenges that inspired him to be who he is. Also, from an early age, Bretman was keen on makeup and skin care. Despite facing discrimination in school, he finds himself enjoying makeup and fashion.

When he moved to New York for his further studies, he started working. By the time, he was already aiming at youtube videos and updating everyone about makeup on social media. Gradually his popularity increased because of his bad nature and people started to love him for who he was. 

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Bretman Rock Net WorthHis career started from his early days when he used to vlog on youtube. Later his popularity rose on TikTok and youtube videos. His iconic line, “Hi guys, it’s Bret here, Singer-Songwriter, Actor, Actress, Athlete, Activist, A scientist on the motherf**king side” always makes the fan laugh. 

He is always up on Social media where he posts videos and stories that are retable. His videos are funny and people loved him for who he was. On Instagram, his videos have been viewed more than 40-50 Million times and people started to look for him. 

The influencer is already a big celebrity now and working hard on his goals. He has also started to work on his future goals and already established dominance on youtube, While we all see beauty influencers getting into controversy and calling out each other, Bretman keeps things to himself and has never been in a beef with him his anyone. 

On the other hand, he is known for his different and unique style. The celebrity has already been on several MTV shows. These days, he is spending most of his time working out and chilling in his house. Bretman has also revealed his merchandise to his fans. 

Net Worth

Bretman Rock

The influencer is already famous and has huge popularity in the world. Fans love his youtube videos and it is one of the main sources of his income. Along with this, he is a content creator and social media influencer which marks most of his Net worth. 

Bretman Rock has a net worth of 20 Million Dollars. He has already bought a huge villa in Huawei which cost him millions of dollars. He is the face of Crocs and already promotes their brands. His house is one of the major highlights for him and if anyone is interested to watch the home, he can check this YouTube video. 

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Personal life & Relationship Status

Bretman Rock Net Worth

When it comes to the relationship, Bretman majorly keeps things limited to himself, He has already dated a few men but never reveals about them on social media. His fans knew that Breatman is dating someone and after nearly spending more than a year with him, they parted ways. 

Bretman revealed about his relationship but never revealed about his boyfriend on social media for obvious reasons. He wants to keep things private and believes that social media might ruin the life of another person. There is one video where we saw his boyfriend doing his makeup but the face never got revealed. 

At the time of writing, Bretman is probably single. Even though he is in a relationship, we don’t have any clues regarding it. We are looking at the official details and will let you know once we find out about it.

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Favorite Quotes

When I first started with social media, there were a couple of us that were men in makeup. I didn’t have anyone that I looked up to at a young age. Now, it’s so accessible. You just go online and see all these amazing men in makeup. We share the same passion, but we all have different goals and we come from different places.

I don’t think people experiment enough with clothing because society tries to tell them what they can and can’t wear. I love playing around with different aesthetics and/or mixing around aesthetics to create a new look.

You do not need millions of followers to know and to feel that you have a platform. I feel like everyone should realize that they have a platform regardless of how big their audience is.

I have always been skating, either with skateboards, rip sticks, or longboards – so it’s been really easy to get used to the electric board. And no, you don’t have to wear certain shoes. I love to wear my crocs!

My first-ever social medium was MySpace. But my first video ever was on YouTube – that’s when I thought I was a fashion guru – posting fashion stuff. I deleted all of those videos. And I regret doing that today because I want to look back and see how bad I was in seventh grade!

I know some brands second-guess working with me because I’m a boy that likes makeup. I think brands shouldn’t just appreciate boys that wear makeup, but they should embrace it. And I feel like some brands forget they need personality. I have plenty of it.

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