Brent Hatley Death: All Actual Facts Revealed 2022!


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Since 2012, Brent Hatley has been passing strange occurrences where he loses knowledge for short ages of time though he’s still not sure why. On Tuesday, he told Howard how it just happen to him again over the weekend while hanging out with a many of his Stern Showco-workers.

 “ I break out in a cold sweat and also I get dizzy and I ’ll pass out for an alternate, ” Brent explained.

For This Most Recent Conking Spell, Brent Had His Woman

 Katelyn by his side as well as Jason Kaplan, Chris Wilding, and Howard’s hairstylist Ralph Cirella.

 “ It was scary. I mean, Brent just dropped, ” Jason recalled. The group had just left a eatery when Brent nearly took a slip out on the sidewalk.

The incident is eerily analogous to one he’d times ago in Florida that redounded in him collapsing onto a road check face first – Brent now has a titanium plate implanted in his chin due to the injury he sustained.

Brent has been examined by an endocrinologist, but she too is stumped by what’s causing these occurrences. Stern Showco-host and former nanny Robin Quivers suspected it could be commodity regarding Brent’s blood pressure considering he always falls to the ground before losing knowledge.

 “ It’s a blood pressure thing because you go down so that your blood pressure can disequilibrate. The lower you’re to the ground, the better off you are, ” she told Brent.

brent hatley death

Howard wondered if maybe smoking weed had commodity to do with it, but Brent shot that notion down since he’s also passed out doubly at work while gravestone-cold sober. Shuli Egar agreed with Howard, still, assuming Brent simply ca n’t handle his cannabis consumption.

“ He’s Just a Featherlight, “ Shuli Said With a Laugh. “ It’s Just Hitting Him Too Hard. “

In order to find out formerly and for all if marijuana was to condemn for Brent passing out all the time, Howard challenged him to quit all effects weed for three months and see if it makes a difference.

While he said he could give up alcohol no problem, Brent was reticent to go without weed for that long. Should he keep passing these occurrences, however, he said the coming step would be a three- day sanitarium stay so croakers could run further tests and completely estimate him.

 Why Brent Hatley Says He Left The Howard Stern Show On Good Terms?

 Contrary to popular belief, it does not appear as though Brent Hatley was fired from The Howard Stern Show in 2020. As he told Stern Show Weekly, a Youtube Channel that tends to try and find fault with the fabulous radio host and his association.

Brent explained that he wouldn’t fairly be suitable to say that he was not fired if he’d actually been fired. This has to do with the legitimacy girding commercial exitings. In verity, Brent left The Howard Stern Show because he wanted to do commodity different with his career as well as move down from the cold New York rainfall.

brent hatley death

“ I Just Wanted Out of New York. I Wanted Out of the Cold Wave. I Wanted To Do My Own Thing(creatively). And I Wanted To Move Back Into the Tropics.”

 Stern Show Weekly also tried to get Brent to say that Howard was a bad joe and completely abandoned Brent after he left the show. While there hasn’t been important contact between the two of them since Brent left( like any hand and their former business), Brent did say that Howard was extremely gracious with him when he did decide to leave.

” When I left there was contact with him and he couldn’t have been nicer. I wish I could get on then and read you the note that he transferred me and the not I transferred him,” Brent explained.” As a mortal being, he is a sweet human being. I love him and( his woman ) Beth as people. They’re great people.”

 Brent claims he does keep in contact with a number of his former staff mates but does not really want to bug Howard with anything. And anyone who knows the tone- placarded King Of All Media would be apprehensive that Brent is making the smart decision then and easily knows his followership.

Has Brent Hatley’s Career in Broadcasting Ended?

 Grounded on Brent’s Instagram, it appears as though he is spending utmost of his time trying to promote his woman’s Only suckers regard.

His Instagram is plastered with largely voluptuous shots of his swinger woman , Katelyn Hatley, with links to her Cameo and Only suckers regard.

Brent has also been spending quite a bit of time going to musicales and principally just having a great time. After all of the work he is done for The Howard Stern Show, and Bubba The Love Sponge before it, the man deserves a break. But does that mean his career is over?

brent hatley death

While Brent did start his own podcast, The Brent Hatley Show, it appears as though he is not doing much with it. In fact, Brent has been more present on other people’s podcasts, including Bubba’s, than his own. So, it does feel as though his broadcasting career is over for the time being.

But perhaps this is what he wants. After all, with his bents and credentials, he could fluently get a job nearly differently. still, some suckers are likely to say that he should have noway left The Howard Stern Show, to begin with. perhaps they are right. But Brent is easily onto a different stage in his life.

Beating Death Draws Two Suspects

 Two Wynnewood men have been arrested and locked up in jail as murder charges are anticipated to be filed criminating them of beating a friend to death when a fight broke out during a drinking party before this week.

 The brace of Roland Brent Hatley, 39, and Justin James Johnson, 35, have been arrested in connection with the death of Davis occupant Chad Alan Sims, 34.

 Sims was set up dead Wednesday autumn after a 911 call was made from a hearthstone in the 500 block of East Indianola on the south side of Wynnewood.

Originally authorities only had one suspect on the radar, Johnson, who’s known as J.J. to officers. A tip snappily led Wynnewood police and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation to Hatley’s home in Wynnewood and the alternate suspect’s arrest after he first gave what one sanctioned described as a concession.

brent hatley death


 “ Another suspect was linked and arrested. We did n’t know about him at first. We got an anonymous tip he might be involved. When we questioned him he confessed to being involved. He said he beat the joe with his fist, ” he said.

Johnson was arrested on Friday when OSBI agents transported him from the OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City to the Garvin County Sheriff’s Department in Pauls Valley for questioning.

 He was originally taken to the metro sanitarium to admit treatment for an injured hand. During his stay there he was being detained by authorities.

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