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Breath Of The Wild: When Is The Launch Expected, Features, Rumors, And Leaks


David Mudd

Read ahead to know more about Breath Of The Wild 2’s release date, trailer, plot and everything that you need to know about.

About The Game

Breath Of The Wild is an action-adventure video game. Furthermore, Nintendo develops and publishes the game. Akihito Toda is the writer of Breath Of The Wild Franchise. Also, the first installment of the game was released on3rd March 2017.

The game is played in single-player mode. Furthermore, you play as Link who has to defeat the Calamity Ganon before it can destroy and finish the Hyrule Kingdom. Moreover, the game is available on Nintendo Switch and Wii.

Breath Of The Wild

Release Date Of BOW 2

Nintendo and Zelda often delay the launch of their video games. Furthermore, Nintendo has not released any official date of the game launch. Also, it was believed that the game might come out in January 2020. But, Nintendo said that the game is still in its final development phase.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, almost every video game launch has been postponed. Therefore, fans should now expect Breath Of The Wild 2 to release at the end of 2020 or possibly next year as well.

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What To Expect From Breath Of The Wild 2

Link and Zelda are seen exploring a dark spooky underground chamber beneath Hyrule. Furthermore, both of them are riding a large elephant type looking beast. Furthermore, as the exploration continues, a resurrection of a creepy warrior appears in distance.

It is believed that the warrior can be Ganondorf. However, there is no concrete proof of the same. But the creature did appear to look like Ganondorf. The event is followed by a tremor.

Breath Of The Wild

As a result, dust smothers in Hyrule Castle. What happens after that is a mystery. We will probably know about it as the game developers release more information about the plot and gameplay of Breath Of The Wild 2.

Furthermore, fans should keep checking Nintendo’s official website for more updates on Breath Of The Wild 2 video game.