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Viking Wolf 2 Release Date Possibilities: What Could Be The Plot Of Viking Wolf 2?

In this discussion, we will examine the possibility of a sequel to the Netflix film Viking Wolf 2 release date, and whether it will happen or not.

“Viking Wolf,” the first Norwegian werewolf film, has received a mix of reactions from audiences. While some have given it positive reviews, others have not been as impressed, as evidenced by its 5.3 rating on IMDb at present. Despite this, the horror genre is known for having a dedicated following, and “Viking Wolf” has certainly earned its share of fans.

With that in mind, we are curious to know if there will be a “Viking Wolf 2” released in the near future.

Viking Wolf 2 Release Date

As there is no confirmation of a sequel or an official release date, it is challenging to make an educated guess about the timeline. However, it is reasonable to assume that filming for a sequel would take at least a year and, given that the film is special effects-heavy, additional time would need to be allotted for post-production. This suggests that a sequel would not be released until mid to late 2024, at the earliest.

Viking Wolf (2022) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis

“Thale” (played by Elli Rhiannon) has recently relocated to Nybu with her family, coming from Oslo. Her mother, Liv Berg (played by Liv Mjones), is a police deputy and has recently married Arthur (played by Vidar Magnussen).

Thale has a close relationship with her younger sister, Jenny, but is struggling to fit in with the other kids in her new community. She is invited to a nighttime party by Jonas (played by Sjur Brean).

Viking Wolf 2 Release Date

The night takes a turn for the worse when a supposed wolf attacks Jonas’s girlfriend, Elin, and drags her into the forest. When her body is discovered, the coroner cannot connect the bite marks to those of a wolf. William, from the Norway Veterinary Research Centre, gets involved in the case and believes the culprit to be a werewolf.

A hunter named Lars Brodin, who is an amputee, arrives in town and agrees with William’s assessment, warning Liv that she must prevent the “poison” of the creature from spreading.

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What Could Be The Plot Of Viking Wolf 2?

It is possible that instead of a sequel, Viking Wolf 2 could be a prequel. As explained in the opening prologue of Viking Wolf, the film depicts the origin of the werewolf menace that caused the violence in the small Norwegian town where Thale resides. The movie states that in 1050, Vikings raided an abbey in Normandy and discovered a creature with a gruesome appearance in a secret room.

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They brought the animal back to Norway with them, but all of the Vikings perished on the journey, and it is believed that the canine passenger was responsible for their deaths. However, the exact events that occurred on the ship are unclear. A prequel could provide more information about what happened after the creature arrived in Norway.

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If the sequel movie takes place after the events of Viking Wolf, it could center on the pursuit of the remaining werewolves in the local woods. If these creatures were successfully hunted down, it would mark the end of the werewolf bloodline that began with the original werewolf, potentially leading to a more substantial and epic film that revolves around the struggle between the town’s inhabitants and these terrifying beasts. It should be noted that Viking Wolf 2 is yet to be confirmed, and the above ideas are mere speculations.

Viking Wolf A Real Story?

The truth behind the claim that the movie “Viking Wolf” is based on real events is unclear. No official statement has confirmed this, and it can be assumed that the movie is not based on actual events. Despite this, some people who believe in the existence of werewolves may still speculate if the movie has any ties to a legendary Norse story. The earliest recorded mention of a werewolf in Viking history can be found in the “Volsunga Saga” from 1270.

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The origin of the werewolf story is believed to stem from the story of Sigmundr and Sinfjotli. This legend has been passed down through generations and has become a staple of winter entertainment in the Nordic region. The werewolf myth has more to do with the cultural significance of wolves in Viking society.

The Vikings saw themselves reflected in the wolves’ pack-hunting behavior, their fearsome strength, and their ability to strike fear by prowling in the darkness and choosing the right moment to attack.

Viking Wolf Ending

The conclusion of the movie is very hectic compared to the rest of the film. Following Thale’s murder of Jonas, the curse is almost finished. Thale takes the bus home after finding out that the police have located Jonas’s body. However, upon seeing the full moon, Thale’s inner wolf begins to emerge, and she can’t control her urges. As a result, she transforms on the bus and causes chaos among the passengers, leading the bus to flip over in a tunnel.

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