Breaking Movie: Everything You Need to Know About This Epic Drama-thriller Film!


David Mudd

The Sundance lineup for the 2022 Sundance Film Festival, which took place from January 20, 2022, until January 30, 2022, featured several standout movies, like the  Breaking movie.

The independent thriller Breaking movie, which stars Michael K. Williams and former Star Wars actor John Boyega is one of their final acting performances, is arguably the most renowned.

The film is reflected in the following account of Brian Brown-Easley, a former Marine and combat veteran who perished after threatening to blow up a bank. The movie will examine the narrative sympathetically, concentrating on Brown-childhood Easley’s as well as upbringing.

The main character, Brown-Easley, who has served in the armed forces, will be portrayed by John Boyega. His life was held in some kind of a fragile financial situation.

And then when a Veterans Affairs disability check was delayed, he was left with the possibility of being homeless. Brown-Easley enters Wells Fargo Bank and then announces, “I’ve got a bomb,” out of concern for his daughter’s welfare and a sense that he does have no other choice.

What Will Be the Release Date of the Breaking Movie?

Breaking movie

It had its official debut on January 21, 2022, just at Sundance Film Festival under the full title 892, in which the cast received the Special Jury Award for Ensemble Cast in the U.S. Dramatic Competition.

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Bleecker Street bought the US distribution rights to the movie on February 1, 2022. On Friday, August 26, 2022, the 892 movie will be released in theatres.

What Is the Storyline of the Movie?

Breaking movie

Following Brian Brown-Easley, a man who has been marginalized by society, on a protracted stroll around Atlanta’s streets on avenues that are intended for cars rather than people, is a waste of time. He loves his small daughter, but he is unable to pay for even more minutes when his phone runs out during the midst of their call.

He storms together into Cobb County Wells Fargo bank in a state of financial desperation as well as calmly hands cashier Rosa a paper claiming to have a bomb. Across the lobby, bank manager Estel could sense Rosa’s anxiety and quietly asks customers and staff to leave the premises right away.

Rosa, as well as Estel, are the only ones who remain, and Brian advises them to dial 911. He demands everything—fire trucks, news networks, the works—but the inattentive 911 dispatcher is unable to even set up a mediator for him.

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Brian can’t receive sufficient attention from the public to justify why he’s doing this until he phones local tv news journalist Lisa: The VA has confiscated his pay for a fictitious obligation to a for-profit technical school he went to with a GI Bill, as well as the absence of that money would leave him homeless and destitute.

However, no one in the VA’s maze of red tape seems to care or have any real alternatives.

Even though the movie never explicitly takes a stance on the racial attitudes of the standoff, it is always obvious that dealmaker Eli as well as the other police officers of color are much more engaged in calmly bringing about such a non-violent negotiated settlement.

Whereas the white police, along with the chief of police, are more concerned with wrapping things up quickly, regardless of whether Brian was killed in the procedure.

Who Is the Main Cast of the Breaking Movie?

Breaking movie

The movie’s cast is outstanding, and there’s no surprise that they won awards for their performances. To start, we have John Boyega in the role of Lance Corporal Brian Brown-Easley, then we have Michael K. Williams who played the role of Eli Bernard.

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Other cast members include Nicole Beharie in the role of Estel Valerie, Robb Derringer was seen as Chief Jack Quail, Selenis Leyva playing the role of Rosa Diaz, and Connie Britton portraying the role of Lisa Larson

Then we have, Olivia Washington who was seen as Cassandra Easley, Jeffrey Donovan who played the role of Major Riddick, London Covington who portrayed the role of Kiah Brown-Easley, and Kim D’Armond who played the character of 911 Wendy.

Trailer of Breaking!

Unfortunately, we don’t have any information or announcement regarding the trailer of the 892 movie, so for now, let’s just wait for the film to launch in August 2022.


What is the IMBD rating of the Breaking movie?

The IMBD rating of the Breaking movie is 6.8/10.

What is the estimated runtime of the movie?

The estimated runtime of the movie is 1 hour and 43 minutes.

Who directed the Breaking movie?

The Breaking movie was directed by Abi Damaris Corbin.


Even as credits start to roll, viewers will still be in a state of shock after watching Breaking. Through grace as well as empathy, Corbin and Armah skillfully transformed a painful reality then delivered it to the public, hopefully inspiring them to reflect on their situation.

Many people find that the mechanisms that are supposed to be there to help them instead provide brochures, long lineups, and maybe sniper sights.