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Brandi Passante : In Storage Wars, What Happened to Brandi?

Storage Wars would not be the popular reality show that it is now if it weren't for the charm and sly humour that Brandi Passante adds to the series. The show is fundamentally based on the age-old concept of the treasure hunt – its ensemble, which includes Brandi, goes on a quest to find the proverbial (and sometimes physical) gold hidden away in abandoned storage facilities.

With the help of thrift store owners Brandi and her then-partner Jarrod Schulz, the programme discovered its own diamonds in the rough; the duo's vibrant conversation and funny antics rapidly established them as audience favourites. They became dubbed as the “Young Guns of Storage Wars” because of their inexperience (the nickname alludes to their youth and inexperience compared to the other members of the show).

Brandi Passante

The fact that Brandi is one of the most open and brash characters on the show when it comes to treasure hunting is a testament to the fact that her personal life is significantly more private and tragic in many respects. In the past, the reality TV star has spoken about how “tumultuous” her adulthood (and upbringing) has been, which has included career difficulties, a terrible split, and an assault charge against her ex-fiancé Jarrod, among other things. Join us as we strive to comprehend the tumultuous events of her life and what has enabled her to survive them.

Brandi Found Storage Wars to Be Too Hard, Which Resulted in Her Show's Temporary Cancellation.

Brandi and Jarrod were surprised, but not completely unwelcome, by the arrival of fame. “I genuinely, honestly didn't think it [“Storage Wars”] was going anywhere,” Brandi has even been quoted as saying. Despite everything she said, she couldn't have been more incorrect. Because of this, they were not prepared for the long hours and difficult jobs that came with fame.

Brandi, for example, went from working part-time and being a full-time mom to working 60 hours a week. Long car rides to shooting sites and 4 a.m. wake-up calls were all part of the deal for the reality star. Brandi had to make certain sacrifices as a result of the show, such as missing her daughter's first day of kindergarten because she was filming. Her choice to take a leave of absence from the programme, with her partner Jarrod in tow, may have been influenced by these issues.

The Continual Proximity of Jarrod to Her Caused Tension in Her Connection With Him.

When Brandi and Jarrod appeared on “Storage Wars,” their personal and professional lives collided like never before, and it wasn't long before the two-faced the disadvantage of spending every waking hour together. Not only did co-managing the “Now and Then” secondhand store in Orange, California, take a toll on the couple's relationship, but the rigorous production schedules also proved to be incredibly tough, according to Jarrod's admission in the Times-Standard. Labelled “agreed” by Brandi, “Every day is a challenge when you're trying to work together as a pair. The minute of every day, seven days a week, we're working together to make business decisions.” She went on to say that she and her husband were frequently at one other's throats.

Brandi Passante

Brandi and Jarrod Scored Their Own Spin-off Show

A spin-off programme was the next obvious step in their stellar career for Brandi and Jarrod after their appearances in “Storage Wars,” which led to the creation of the show, “Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job.” The series chronicled the lives of thrift store entrepreneurs Brandi and Jarrod as they became parents and partners. The couple finally quarrels their way to the altar while maintaining their store and their two adolescent children (although they never officially end up tying the knot).

In “Married to the Job,” the couple's personal and professional lives were intertwined. Compared to “Storage Wars,” this felt like a good change of pace. Unfortunately for the duo, the show failed to attract the same level of attention as its parent series and aired only eight episodes before being cancelled. So little progress has been made.

Cracks in Brandi and Jarrod's Relationship First Became Visible on Instagram

Prior to Brandi and Jarrod publicly announcing their breakup, their relationship had already come to an end. Even though Jarrod and Brandi had broken up two years previously, Brandi announced their split in a tell-all interview with The Dad Diary in 2020.

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Despite Passante and Schultz's initial silence, it just required a small amount of detective work to discover that their relationship was on thin ice in 2018. Numerous of Passante's many eagle-eyed Instagram followers, as well as news sites, were able to figure out that she and Schulz had broken up. Some media outlets said that the actress had been photographed without her wedding band and that she appeared to be walking around with a new boyfriend (or men).

Schulz, on the other hand, made his new girlfriend, Rochel Beckman, public as well. Fans of the programme weren't surprised when Brandi announced their breakup in public, given the overwhelming evidence that the two were no longer together.

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Brandi and Jarrod Continued to Appear on Storage Wars, but Separately

Season 13 of “Storage Wars” saw the Young Guns split up and no longer compete as a team. Those expecting less of the former couple's infamous squabbling are in for a rude awakening. Instead, fans got more drama than ever, even if it cost Brandi's peace of mind. Their strained on-screen connection translated into intense bidding wars and stand-offs.

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On one occasion, Jarrod stated, “If Brandi bids on [an item], I'll definitely bid too,” clearly aiming to annoy his ex-partner. This conflict between the two ex-girlfriends was also waged on social media. Brandi teased the Season 13 premiere of “Storage Wars” on Twitter, with Jarrod's face masked by an emoji of the devil.

Jarrod Was Charged With a Count of Domestic Battery

Brandi hated running into her ex-partner at auctions. Imagine her surprise when Jarrod showed up at the same friendly party she was attending (per TMZ). Jarrod allegedly shoved a stunned Brandi twice during a heated spat. Brandi has now revealed that similar fights may have ended their decades-long relationship. The actress even has a tattoo of the word “Free” on her arm, symbolising her freedom from a traumatic almost-marriage.

Brandi Passante

Because of what happened that night, Jarrod was charged with domestic assault, and A&E, the network that airs “Storage Wars,” launched an investigation into his alleged actions. The network appears to have taken action against Jarrod, as he is glaringly absent from the show's 14th season.

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