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Brad Pitt: Is He Seeing Singer Adele? Rumors Spark About Pitt And Adele’s Alleged Affair! Know The Truth..

Brad Pitt

Source: Daily Mail

Brad Pitt has had relationships with several Hollywood biggies. Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie topping the list. But is the singer seeing Adele?

Is Brad Pitt Drawn Towards Adele?

Well celebrities and rumors go hand in hand. And recently there were rumors that Brad Pitt and Grammy Winning Singer Adele are a thing!

Source: Instagram

A magazine has claimed that Pitt really likes the singer. And even she has reciprocated in the same manner. As recently Adele has undergone a drastic transformation and lost weight thus making Pitt fall for her.

There are also speculations that both are flirting with each other. And have also met secretly. Also that Pitt is spellbound by her looks and beauty.

The ‘Hello’ singer has recently divorced her husband Simon Konecki.

How True Is The Rumor?

As of now the allegations seem baseless because both Pitt and Adele haven’t given any such confirmation.

Source: Daily Mail

And we really have no idea how authentic are the claims of that particular magazine. Therefore predicting that Pitt and Adele are seeing each other would be baseless at this point of time.

Recently there were also rumors that Pitt is getting back with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie. As he was spotted visiting her apartment regularly. But the truth was that Pitt was just spending time with his six children.

Thus Jolie and Pitt are just co-parents to their children. Their divorce proceedings are on the way and thus they are not getting back together.

Similarly the speculations around Pitt and Adele dating each other might also be baseless. Therefore we need to wait until one of them actually give some hints about dating each other.

Because speculations and rumors have always been a part of Pitt’s life since time immemorial.

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