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Box Office: US Box Office Sees Its Worst Weekend In 20 Years


David Mudd

US Box Office Collection: See what the worst weekend for US Box Office looked like.

As we all can see, the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has created a panic globally. It has altered our lifestyles as we could never have expected.

As a safety measure, people all over the world are adopting quarantines. They’re staying at home, trying to avoid going out unless necessary.

This has, however, taken a huge toll on the Box Office. Because of it, many big productions have postponed their release dates to avoid a low sale of tickets.

The Movies That Have Postponed Release

  1. No Time To Die

Daniel Craig’s upcoming James Bond film was supposed to hit the theatres this April but is postponed for now. The movie issued a release date of November 25th, 2020.


2. Black Widow

Similarly, Johansson’s upcoming Marvel movie starring Black Widow was scheduled to release on May 1st, 2020. The movie’s release has now been postponed indefinitely.


Marvel Phase 4

3. A Quiet Place II

John Krasinski has directed the movie, a sequel to the horror drama, A Quiet Place. It was initially set to release in March 2020 but is now going to wait until later this year.


Quiet Place 2

4. Mulan 

Disney’s live-action reboot tells the tale of the Mulan. Mulan was a Chinese girl to disguised herself as a boy to join the Army. The movie was scheduled to release this Mach, but is also suspended for an uncertain time.


US Box Office Collection

5. The New Mutants

Maisie Williams starrer X-Men spinoff movie will release in April 2020. The movie is now postponed indefinitely.

The Movies Released This Weekend (US Box Office Collection)

  1. I Still Believe

Directed by Erwin Brothers, the movie is a romantic drama that has been adapted from the life of the singer Jeremy Camp. The movie released on March 13th.

The movie sold the highest number of tickets this weekend. It earned $9.5 million.

US Box Office Collection

2. Bloodshot

Vin Diesel starrer superhero movie also hit the theatres on March 13th. The film earned $9.3 million domestically. The reviews of the movie were not up to the mark.

3. The Hunt

Betty Gilpin starrer thriller movie shows us how a group of 12 random strangers wake up in a Manor House. They have no idea how they got there, and are now part of a hunting game organized by elites.

The movie released on March 13th and earned $6.4 million. Many watchers criticised it.

US Box Office Collection
Betty Gilpin
The Hunt
Universal Pictures

To sum it up, the movies that hit theatres this weekend failed on the Box Office epically. The upcoming movies in the following weekends might also suffer a similar fate.

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