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Box Office: US Box Office Sees Its Worst Weekend In 20 Years


David Mudd

We are facing a hard time, it is not safe out there, and everyone must stay inside their homes. This thing has made many changes around the world. Box Office of the US has seen its worst weekend in 20 years.

The reason is pretty much apparent, Lockdown. Everyone has to stay inside their houses, and cinema halls are closing down. Movies are getting postponed, shoots are getting cancelled. A lot is happening, and because of that, everything has come to a halt.

Box Office

How Long Will This Stay? (Box Office)

This is going to stay for long, and this is not a lockdown that will remain for a week or two. If the conditions stay the same or get worse, there are chances that we will stay locked down for months.

The analysts are telling that there might be a worldwide lockdown for 3-6 months. That is a long time, it is sure that the economy will sink, and after it, everything will take time to start again.

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Movies Rescheduling Release Dates And Shoots:

Hollywood producers are facing the hardest time. Many movies had to reschedule their release due to the virus. Most of the film has to cancel its shooting schedule. The actors are at the risk of getting in contact with someone who has this virus.

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The decision is important, but it is affecting the industry severely. No one thought that situations would go so much out of hand. It is better to save people than saving money.

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Will Hollywood Be Able To Recover The Losses? (Box Office)

Producers are going to face huge losses. Some movies completed their promotional campaigns, and now they are postponed.

They will again have to start promotions, and all the money went into promotions till now is a total waste. There are chances that the movies that have postponed may not perform the way they should, and that will also incur a loss. 

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The world is going into quarantine, it is getting scarier day by day, and people are not stepping out. There are chances that all the cinemas in the world will stay closed at some point in time. This is not the time to think about anything else but the safety of the people.