Boruto Chapter 69 Release Date and Spoiler!


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It’s almost time for the next chapter in Boruto’s story. Recently, Boruto fans have been treated to a series of fantastic chapters in a row. After Boruto and Kawaki’s fight, we assumed that the manga would offer a more cheerful chapter. We were wrong.

The preceding chapter, on the other hand, demonstrated to us that the Boruto manga series is capable of surprising us at any time. During the most recent Boruto chapter, we witnessed Code making his way into the village by way of the Mark he had placed on Shikamaru’s neck. Delta has been adjusted to work against Code, and that is when Ada appears from behind a mark to finally engage in the fight.

The last chapter of the Boruto manga ended on a massive cliffhanger, and fans are eagerly awaiting the next chapter. As it stands, we are now only a few hours away from receiving the much anticipated chapter 69.

Boruto Chapter 69 Release Date

Boruto Chapter 69 Release Date

On Wednesday, April 20th, 2022, Chapter 69 of Boruto was made available to the public all over the world. At 8:00 a.m. PDT, the next chapter will be ready for reading (Pacific Timing). However, due to the time difference between each zone, the chapter’s release time will be different for each location. Consequently, the following is the exact release schedule for these time zones:

  • Pacific Time: 8:00 AM PST on April 20th
  • Central Time: 10:00 AM CST on April 20th
  • Eastern Time: 11:00 AM EST on April 20th
  • British Time: 4:00 PM GMT on April 20th
  • European Timing: 5:00 PM CEST on April 20th
  • Indian Timing: 8:30 PM IST on April 20th

What You Can Read in this Boruto Chapter 69?

Fans who are unable to obtain physical copies of the most recent chapter can read the manga via Viz Media and Manga Plus, respectively. The advantage of these platforms is that they allow members of the community to read the most recent three chapters at no charge. As a result, if you are aware with the current events in the Boruto manga, you will not be required to pay anything to read Chapter 69. You will, however, need to purchase a Shonen Jump Membership in order to access the in-between chapters on

Boruto Chapter 69 Spoiler!

Shueisha has already released a new advertisement for the upcoming Boruto chapter, which includes wording that teases the upcoming massive invasion:

“Konoha is under threat again! Code – A remnant of Kara who possesses amazing combat abilities. In order to take revenge on Konoha, who once had Isshiki in their hands, Code attacks Amado with the aim of lifting the restriction on his true power. In order to fulfill their own goals, Kara threatens to attack the Hidden Leaf Village.”

In addition, the promo hints Eida’s appearance:

“Eida – with the power of Senrigan, she has the ability to be aware of everything. Eida finally reveals herself to make contact with Kawaki, who is someone she directs her affections towards. How will Boruto and others react to this critical situation in Konoha?”

The new Japanese trailer also provides a first look at the panels that will showcase Konoha’s epic battle against Code and Eida of the Kara Organization: “Konoha vs. Code and Eida of the Kara Organization” and “Konoha vs. Code and Eida of the Kara Organization.”

Eida enters the fray, and Amado and Shikimary are both taken aback by her appearance. In the meantime, Eida informs Amado that he has the same old foolish emotions, and Shikimaru believes that Amado’s panic is strange to say the least.

Delta, also known as “Bronco,” strikes Eida, who easily avoids her attack, leaving Delta perplexed as to how she was able to avoid her attack in the first place.

“This leg, too,” Eida says as she pats her leg on the back. The presence of wood erupts from Delta’s body, and Shikimaru is perplexed as to what Delta is up to. Delta is perplexed as well. He phones Ino and informs her that they require assistance because Shikimaru is perplexed as to what kind of entity Eida is.

Meanwhile, Sasuke begs Boruto’s pardon for not being present while Momoshiki was attempting to take over his physical form. Boruto inquires as to whether Sasuke was aware that Kawaki was responsible for his death, and Sasuke responds that only a select few are aware. Boruto claims that he was the one who approached Kawaki and requested him to kill him. Sasuke claims that the one who is detested is the one who murdered the Hokage’s son, and that it is unavoidable that extra prejudice is piled upon him.

Boruto asserts that this is incorrect, given the fact that he is still alive and well. He claims that they are brothers who recognise and respect one another. He claims that Kawaki recognised his commitment, and Sasuke adds, “Brothers, huh,” with a pensive expression.

Boruto smiles as he attempts to return the headband to Sasuke, thanking him for his assistance in strengthening his determination. Sasuke believes that because it is useful, Boruto should keep it because it is a gift from the gods. Boruto inquires as to whether he is certain about this, given that it is a remembrance between his father and Sasuke.

Sasuke advises Boruto that he should keep it safe and that he will treasure it for the rest of his days. Boruto expresses his gratitude once more. Sasuke speculates that he may be the one who is need to demonstrate his commitment next.

Boruto Chapter 69 Release Date

Neither Sarada nor Mitsuki understand Boruto and Sasuke’s conversation. Mitsuki believes that Sasuke is remorseful for what would have happened to Boruto if things went wrong. Mitsuki seems to be speaking for Sasuke when he says that if someone were to kill Boruto, he would have no idea what to do with the killer. Boruto’s death gives him the chills, he asserts, as does the notion of him dying. Sarada asks Mitsuki what he’s talking about, and Mitsuki says he’s sorry for coming across as concerned in his response.

After hearing what’s happened to Boruto, Sarada admits that she’s startled and angry at the same time. If they’re so unreliable and untrustworthy, why don’t they just give her a break and let her help them out more? When Mitsuki inquires as to whether Sarada likes Boruto, the latter responds with a trembling “Wha?”.

Sarada insists that it makes no difference whether she does or does not participate in the discussion. Mitsuki muses on whether or not it’s possible to discern her genuine sentiments, but concludes that it doesn’t matter. Sasuke is more important to her than Boruto’s teacher, she claims.

He argues that they both need to improve their strength and resolve so that they can meet Ohtsutsuki. Otherwise, Sarada adds, she won’t be able to serve as Hokage because she’s not up to the task at hand.

Naruto is there to greet Kawaki when he awakens in the hospital bed, informing him that he slept well. In Naruto’s words, this brings back memories of their first encounter. In response to Kawaki’s question, Naruto begs Sumire to give them a minute, but before she can leave, Kawaki wonders if Naruto is going to condemn him for killing Boruto, which she apologises for and tries to leave.

To the amazement of both Sumire and Naruto, the latter advises Kawaki to relax because Boruto is OK. In order to keep the story brief, Naruto says that Boruto’s Karma power saved him.

Sumire is perplexed by what she has overheard so far. Naruto is glad for Kawaki’s presence because he believes they would have all perished if he hadn’t been there. Naruto reminds Kawaki that he belongs only in Konoha, where he has lived all his life. Everyone in Konoha, according to the Hokage, is a member of his family.

Naruto is startled when someone telepathically screams out his name. There is an enemy attack in Lab 3. Sasuke also hears about it. According to Sasuke, the enemy can be found there, therefore Boruto is instructed to follow him there immediately. Sumire inquires about Boruto’s well-being, and he responds that he’s fine as a fiddle.

The scene returns us to Lab 3 as Shikimaru attempts to immobilise Eida with his shadow abilities. Eida simply stares at him and states that there isn’t any way that he could attack her. She wonders how he does it, but quickly discovers that it is possible because the jutsu doesn’t directly inflict injury.

Eida thinks Shikimaru’s skill is astounding and that this is her first reaction. Shikimaru is worried and wonders who she is. He’s got an unusual fever, and Delta is shocked on the floor.

Shikimaru requests Ino to telepathically link his and Amado’s minds. He urges Amado not to say anything and asks what kind of ability they have and how to resist it.

Shikimaru asks what Amado means when he claims they’re all now her hostages. She enchants them on an instinctual, unconscious level, regardless of gender, even Delta.

Delta is enamoured, stating Eida is adorable. Shikimaru is perplexed. Shikimaru asks Amado whether he’s joking and how.

There are varied signs for different people and some basic types like Delta only get captivated, according to Amado. Eida claims that once they’re enchanted, they’re enchanted until she dies.

Shikimaru could attempt, but it would be fruitless, says Amado.

Shikimaru fears his shadow possession jutsu will fail. Eida advises him to relax and not overdo it. Eida says he has amazing willpower and she wishes she could cheer him on.

Shikimaru clenches a kunai but remains still. Amado informs him that even if he thinks about killing him, his instinct will reject it. Amado encourages him to stop resisting it.

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