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Boris Johnson Announces A Coronavirus Quarantine For Travellers To UK

As some international flights start to resume, Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom announced a quarantine period for travelers coming to the United Kingdom. Read ahead to know more. Also, find out the status of coronavirus in the United Kingdom.

Coronavirus Status In United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has 223,060 positive cases of coronavirus to date. 32,065 people have died. Moreover, Prime Minister Boris Johnson also tested positive for coronavirus. He stayed in ICU for a few days before stabilizing.

Furthermore, he recovered and his back on his toes as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The country has taken strong measures to contain the coronavirus. Furthermore, the number of cases in the country is stabilizing.

British CDC and the World Health Organisation implemented strong testing facilities in the country. Moreover, the lockdown and cooperation of the people is lowering the coronavirus graph in the country.

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UK Government To Quarantine International Travellers

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that travelers coming from outside the United Kingdom in the country will undergo a self-quarantine period. Furthermore, the United Kingdom has seen control over COVID-19 cases.

Therefore, the next threat lies is from international travelers coming to the United Kingdom from outside. Also, he said that he cannot risk seeing cases rise again in the country due to the outsiders.

Therefore, international travelers will undergo a self-quarantine period before resuming their official stay in the United Kingdom.



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What Next?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has not told us how the quarantine procedure will exactly work for the outcomers in the country. Moreover, the UK Government is relaxing its seven day lockdown period.

However, strict restrictions and precautions will take place as the lockdown relaxes. Many have criticized Boris's decision to welcome outsiders at this stage. Moreover, it can create confusion to find the origin of the virus from the outsiders.

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