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Borderlands 3: Release Updates For The Next DLC, Roadmap Predictions


David Mudd

2019 Fall/Winter DLC Roadmap, it is the packaged three months of DLC of Borderlands 3. Fans and geeks are waiting for this game for next year. Besides, the spring 2020 DLC map has already released.

foresight is not what the people thought it would be. The Gearbox will have 3 types of contents. That includes Maliwan Blacksit, in-game events like those from October, and paid story Downloadable Contents along with Bloody harvest.


Fans of Borderland 3 is crazy about it since its release last year. All of them are eagerly waiting for further updates to their beloved game. Developers already told about the level increment of cap three levels.

Since then there were no official words about a Spring DLC Roadmap. However, there is some speculation made according to the insights of the previous map. But everything is just assumptions till now.

More About Borderlands

Borderlands 3 was release in September 2019. The Fall/Winter DLC Roadmap that came after that detailed about the things that can be expected by fans. Fans of Borderland had something better every month of the previous year.


Those things include full campaign add-on, new takedown, seasonal event. After that 2020 has not been benevolent to the fans yet. There were no updates in January. But in February, there was a Broken Heart Day event.

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Months And Assumed Updates

The team behind Borderlands 3 is not slowing down any time soon. If it happens, March will be a great month for players. In March, they may give a new Takedown mission.

Earlier a Takedown mission was adds in November. It is been four months that the fans are waiting for a much-advanced content to play with.

An April Fool event will be very interesting and not much common in any other game. Although it may be late for one month to arrive than expected. An Easter event is also expected together.


It was thought that another paid DLC would release in April. But, the quality and depth of upcoming updates show that it will take much more time to develop than expected.