Boost Mobile Review 2023 Cost and Features


Mohit Kamboj

Boost Mobile provides pay-as-you-go mobile phone plans starting at $15 per month. Although Boost Mobile did not make our list of the Best Cell Phone Plans of 2023, it remains a popular career with flexible, affordable rates. We’ve included an overview of Boost Mobile and its cell phone plans so that you may choose the best plan for your needs.

Boost Mobile Overview

  • Data plans range from 2GB to unlimited data
  • Customers can add up to 5 lines to a plan
  • Plans start at $15 per month
  • Customers can bring their own phone or purchase a new one
  • No service contract

Boost Mobile offers a range of cell phone plans, from basic plans with texting, talking, and limited data to unlimited plans with up to 35 GB of monthly data. Costs range between $15 per month for new clients who provide their own phone and $60 per month for an unlimited plan. Boost Mobile allows you to use an existing phone or purchase a new phone when you join up for a plan. All plans include mobile hotspot functionality, but depending on your plan, your high-speed data will be limited when utilising the hotspot.

Consumers can add up to five lines to a plan, and adding a secondary line to an existing family plan is frequently less costly. Boost Mobile’s $60 per month unlimited plan, for instance, allows consumers to add an additional line for $40 per month. Boost plans do not require service contracts, allowing customers to cancel or modify their plan as needed.

Cell Phone Plans Are Provide By Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile Review 2023 Cost and Features

Boost 2 GB $15 $15 $15 $15 $15
Boost 5 GB $25 $25 $25 $25 $25
Boost 10 GB $35 $35 $35 $35 $35
Boost Unlimited $50 $40 $37 $35 $34

Five different cell phone plans are offered by Boost Mobile. For $15 per month, the most basic plan, which is only accessible to new users who bring their own phones, provides unlimited texting and talking, hotspot functionality, and 2 GB of data.

The next plan begins at $25 per month and is similarly offered only to new clients. This package provides 5 GB of data along with unlimited talk time, text messages, and a mobile hotspot. A third option, priced at $35 per month, doubles the data limit to 10 GB.

Moreover, Boost Mobile provides two unlimited data options. The first plan is $50 per month and includes 35 GB of data, unlimited texting and talking, and 12 GB of mobile hotspot access. Consumers may add a second line to this plan for an additional $30 per month. The alternative unlimited plan begins at $60 per month and includes 30 GB of mobile hotspot data in addition to 35 GB of regular data, unlimited calling, and unlimited texting. This plan charges $40 for each additional line.

All Boost Mobile plans include unlimited texting and calling, mobile hotspot functionality, and there are no service contracts, so consumers are always free to change or cancel their plan.

How much do unlimited Boost Mobile cell phone plans cost?

Two unlimited cell phone plans from Boost Mobile cost between $50 and $60 per month. Depending on the plan, these plans charge between $30 and $40 per month for additional lines. Customers may add up to five lines to a single plan. Although all plans include mobile hotspot functionality as well as unlimited voice calls and text messages, the primary difference between these plans is the quantity of mobile hotspot data provided.

Boost Mobile offers a number of add-ons and extra services in addition to these plans. Users can purchase a mobile hotspot data plan with 35 GB of data for $50 per month. If you run out of data during the month, you can temporarily add more data to your plan by purchasing a data pack. $5 per month is charged for 1 GB of data, and $10 per month is charged for 2 GB of data.

Other upgrades include secure Wi-Fi ($2 per month), a Privacy Premium Bundle (about $6 per month), international calling and texting ($5-$10 per month), location and parental control settings ($7 per month), and Boost Call Screener ($3 per month). While these services are optional, customers may add them to their plan for an additional cost.

What is the cost of prepaid cell phone plans from Boost Mobile?

Boost offers three programmes for prepaid cell phones. These plans, like the unlimited plans, include unlimited calls and texts as well as mobile hotspot access. Boost’s most basic plan, which begins at $15 per month, is exclusively offered to consumers who supply their own phones. This package includes 2GB of data. This basic plan is ideal for consumers who only need to use their data in an emergency, as it is insufficient for those who perform extensive web browsing on their phone.

The next tier of prepaid plans offered by Boost costs $25 per month and includes 5 GB of data. This plan is also exclusive to new users, however clients have the option of bringing their own phone or purchasing one from Boost Mobile. The ultimate prepaid package is $35 per month and includes 10 GB of data.

The only significant difference between these plans is the amount of data they provide. Similar to the unlimited plans, you can purchase a temporary or recurring data pack if you require additional regular or hotspot data in a particular month.

Boost Mobile Installation Fees

Boost Mobile Review 2023 Cost and Features

Boost Mobile charges no installation fees. Consumers must either purchase a phone from Boost Mobile or bring their own device. After obtaining your phone, the following step is to activate it and link it to your Boost Mobile account. After setting up your account and connecting your phone, you can immediately begin using your phone.

Here is Boost Mobile Optional Features

Boost Mobile offers a number of additional features. Although these features are optional, clients can add them for an additional cost.

  • HD BuyUp: Add HD streaming to your plan for $10 per month.
  • Secure WiFi: Protect your phone when connecting to Wi-Fi for $2 per month.
  • Boost Shield: Protect your phone from loss, theft, or damage for $7 per month.
  • K Health: Get access to telemedicine through your phone for $7.99 per month.
  • International calling and texting: Call Mexico or other international countries for $5 to $10 per month.
  • Data packs: Purchase extra data for $5 for 1 GB and $10 for 2 GB.
  • AirG: AirG offers social gaming services. The platform is free to use, but users can upgrade to gain access to additional features for $5 per month.
  • Privacy Premium: You can protect any sensitive information on your phone for an additional $5.99 per month.
  • Boost Call Screener: If you always want to know who’s calling you, Boost Call Screener is an extra $3 per month.
  • Visual Voicemail: You can add visual voicemail to your plan for $.50 to $2.99 per month.
  • Location and parental controls: Parents can take advantage of location and safety features for $7 per month.

Does Boost Mobile Offer 5G Service?

Boost Mobile offers 5G service on select mobile devices. To utilise 5G through Boost Mobile, you must have a 5G-compatible phone, stay in a 5G coverage area, and have VoLTE activated. Check Boost Mobile’s coverage map to determine if 5G is available in your location. 5G is not available in all areas of the country. 5G service is free for eligible users.

Boost Mobile FAQ

How Do I Get Boost Mobile Cell Phone Service?

To get Boost Mobile cell phone service, a phone is required. You have the option of bringing your own phone or purchasing a new one from Boost Mobile. Once you have obtained your phone, the next step is to activate it.

You can accomplish this by completing the activation process steps on Boost Mobile’s website. You can also sign up for a plan at one of Boost Mobile’s retail locations. Boost Mobile has more than 500 stores nationwide. If you prefer to sign up for a Boost Mobile plan in-store, a sales staff will assist you.

Does Boost Mobile Offer a Trial Period?

There is no trial period for Boost Mobile’s services. Due to the fact that Boost Mobile offers cell phone plans without annual contracts, clients are free to modify or cancel their plan at any moment. If you are unhappy with Boost Mobile’s service, you can cancel your plan because you are not locked into a contract.

Does Boost Mobile Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Boost Mobile does not offer a refund policy. But, refunds for recently purchased phones are accepted. If a phone is returned within seven days of purchase, the customer is eligible for a refund. However, they may be responsible to any cell phone service expenses incurred as well as a restocking fee of up to $25.

How Do I Cancel My Boost Mobile Cell Phone Service?

Due to the fact that Boost Mobile is a prepaid cell phone service with no annual contract, customers can cancel their plans at any moment without incurring any further fees or charges. One disadvantage of this company is that you may only discontinue your cell phone service by phone. If you no longer desire a plan with Boost Mobile, you can call 1-833-502-6678 to cancel your subscription.