Bonding Season 3 Release Date: Is The Series Not Getting A Sequel?


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Several dark comedy series got canceled by Netflix last year. Fans were searching for their favorite series on the list to confirm the call. One of them is a dark comedy series named Bonding, which has already completed its two seasons.

Fans want to know whether the series has been renewed or canceled for the next season. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Rightor Doyle is the director and creator of the dark comedy TV series. Jesse Schiller, Jake Fuller, and Ryan McCormick are the producers of the American series.

What Is the Plotline of the Series Bonding?

Bonding is based on the personal life of the creator and director of the series, Rightor Doyle.

The story of the series revolves around the protagonist named Tiffany “Tiff” Chester, who is a psychology student. She works as a dominatrix in the BDSM. A dominatrix is a woman who plays a dominant role in BDSM activities. BDSM is a variety of er*tic practices and role-playing that involves bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, and many other activities. She takes the help of her high school friend named Peter, a guy, to become the assistant.


Many semi-estranged characters come into play in Manhattan. This place is where Peter works as a waiter and a stand-up comedian. He also has a fear of the stage. Tiff struggles to balance her personal life along with school life, job, and BDSM.

She also has the involvement in Peter’s exposure to sadomasochism, which is the give and take of pleasure from the acts of pain and humiliation. This feeling helps him to become a liberated person in his life.

The first season becomes a bit complicated when Peter becomes a partner in the business. He becomes Master Carter in the process. They make a lot of money and even find their love interests. Tiff finds Doug, whereas Peter finds Josh.

What is the Release Date of Bonding Season 3?

Bonding, the dark comedy series, began its journey back in April 2019. After completing its seven episodes, the sex comedy series got renewed for a second season. It got released in January 2021.

According to the tv series finale, the series is not going to return for a third season. Bonding invited many controversies from the BDSM community due to the inaccuracy displayed in the show. Doyle answered all the criticism received by the first season.

He agreed to return with a second season after listening to and correcting the inaccuracies covered by BDSM. However, Season 2 never landed up to the mark. Season 2 comprised eight episodes but didn’t arrive at the top of the list.

Bonding Season 3 Release Date

Due to a lot of competition, the series didn’t reach the viewers well. Thus, it got canceled after two seasons. Netflix canceled Bonding Season 3 in July 2021. Some other dark comedy series were also canceled along with it.

Who Will Be Cast for Bonding Season 3?

As of now, there is no official statement regarding the renewal of the series by the makers. So nothing can be said about the cast for the season 3. We can only assume that most of the cast will reprise their roles.

Till the time being, let’s take a look at the previous cast.

  • Tiffany “Tiff” Chester, played by Zoe Levin, is a graduate student from the psychology branch living in New York. She is employed as a dominatrix under the Mistress May alias. She seeks the help of Pete to become an assistant.
  • Peter “Pete” Devin, played by Brendan Scannell, is a young gay man. He becomes his assistant to Tiff. In the beginning, he chooses to be a member of the alias Carter, but later, he is referred to as Master Carter.
  • Doug, played by Micah Stock, is their psychology classmate of Tiff. Later, Tiff comes into a relationship with him.
  • Josh, played by Theo Stockman, is the boyfriend of Pete.
  • Mistress Mira, played by Nana Mensah, is the former mentor of Tiff.
  • Rolph, played by Matthew Wilkas, is the German man-servant of Tiff. He is also one of her clients.
  • Frank, played by Alex Hurt, is the roommate of Peter.
  • Portia, played by Gabrielle Ryan, is the girlfriend of Frank.
  • Murphy, played by Alysha Umphress, is a friend of Peter. He is a stand-up comedian.
  • Fred, played by Charles Gould, is one of the clients of Tiff.
  • Professor Charles, played by Kevin Kane, is the psychology professor of Tiff.
  • MJP’s role played by Kevin Kilner
  • Martin’s role played by Nico Evers-Swindell
  • Kate’s role played by Stephanie Styles
  • Chelsea’s role played by Amy Bettina

What Are the Ratings of the Series Bonding?


Bonding has received a satisfactory positive response from the audience and critics. The critical consensus mentions that Bonding is a juicy spin on friendship and sexuality that lands boldly over unexplored territory.

The writing of the show often balances unsteadily and uncomfortably between the funny segments and bewilderingly underwhelming in an attempt to make the series a truly satisfying experience.

Bonding Season 1 has received a score of 71% on the Tomatometer, based on 14 critic ratings. The audience score is 78% on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 272 user ratings.

Bonding has received a rating of 7.2 out of 10 on IMDb.

Where Can We Watch the Series Bonding?

While searching over the Internet, you will find many websites that will allow you to access the series. The obvious one is the original network of the series, Netflix. You can have a subscription to the channel to watch it. Before that, you can have a look at the official trailer of the series.

Several websites will provide you with the direct link that will land you on Netflix. Some of them are Just Watch, Flixjini, TV Guide, Metareel, and Reelgood.

It is also available on 1Movieshd. Currently, the series is only available on Netflix. You can only watch it there. We will update the section when Bonding will bond with the other platforms and will be available there.

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Bonding has equally received love and criticism from the audience, critics, and BDSM. We are not sure about the return of the third season after discovering the cancellation. However, the rest of the seasons are available on Netflix. You can watch it there.

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