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Bond 25: Daniel Craig Shares He Always Wanted To Play This Superhero


David Mudd

We have a lot of free time, and that is why we will tell you everything that we will get to know. Now, we just got to know that our own Daniel Craig wanted to play a superhero. Not that his role of agent 007 is any less of a superhero. Daniel was a big superhero fan in his growing up days and wanted to play the role of either Superman or Spider-man. The man has some specific choices. 

Should Daniel Craig Audition For Superman?

Daniel Craig would suit in the sole of Superman, though. We also think that the makers should consider him for the role in the next movie. Okay, Henry Cavill is also a good actor, and he suits too, he is muscular and has a rugged look but, no one has swag like Daniel Craig. This guy, he can make Superman look super cool. 

Daniel Craig


Should Tom Holland Give Up His Job As The Spiderman Now?

Okay, so now when Daniel has said that it was his childhood dream to play the role of Superman or Spiderman, should Tom Holland step off? This is a severe discussion we are having with you right now, and this is something we need to know, Daniel is a senior, and he is Bond, James Bond. 


After The Delay Of No Time To Die, You Can Revise The Previous Parts Of James Bond:

After the outbreak of Coronavirus, many movies got cancelled. One of them was No Time To Die, the 25th James Bond Movie. The world is in quarantine, and no one ever thought that the conditions would be so adverse. This is something that looks like a sci-fi movie, something that is directed by Christopher Nolan. 

Daniel Craig

So now, what you guys can do is, you can find all the James Bond movies, and you can do your revision. Maybe you will find a new favourite actor. Although most of the people say that Daniel Craig is the best James Bond. We leave it up to you. Watch all the movies and think for yourself. This is once in a lifetime opportunity, and you will not get this time again.

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