Boiling Point Movie: Everything We Know About the Popular Restaurant’s Hectic Kitchen!


David Mudd

The Philip Barantini-directed drama Boiling Point movie is an intensely realistic story that takes place in the hectic environment of a trendy restaurant kitchen. The unrelenting movie, which takes place in real-time in the most demanding workplaces, is shot in one continuous take.

Most films contain arcs, a graceful curve from fate, a rise, a fall, and sometimes a rise again, just like the belly of knives. Not Boiling Point, possibly one of the 20th century’s most brutal—and brilliant—movies about restaurants.

The grim tone of the movie, featuring Stephen Graham portraying English chef Andy Jones, remains intensified throughout. It tells the story of a single evening spent in a mid-range fine dining establishment in London around Christmas.

So, let’s see how much we know about it.

What Was the Release Date of the Boiling Point Movie?

Boiling Point movie

It serves as a sequel to the same-titled short film from 2019, which Graham also starred in and was also created by Barantini. Eight runs of the movie were initially intended to be recorded, but still, only four could be completed first before the shooting was stopped by a COVID lockdown.

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On August 23, 2021, this movie had its official debut just at 55th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. The United Kingdom saw its debut around January 7, 2022. The movie received favorable reviews. The movie was nominated for four awards there at the 75th British Academy Film Awards.

What is the Storyline of the Film?

Boiling Point movie

At the upscale restaurant Jones & Sons of London, Andy Jones serves as head chef. Andy becomes ashamed to find that such an inspection had resulted in his restaurant’s Health and Safety rating being reduced from 5 stars to 3 stars.

Andy chastises the kitchen crew for the lack of effort just after the inspector departs. Beth at the front of the house calls for a brief conversation to talk about how the evening’s service is overcrowded.

She further notes that they currently have a reservation for star chef Alastair Skye, with whom Andy has previously worked, and his companion for the evening, a well-known food critic, as well as a marriage proposal solely on a single table.

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The kitchen and the dining area start to feud as supper is being served. A teenage pastry cook is discovered to be self-harming, the pregnant kitchen porter sparring sessions with slack and disrespectful colleague, as well as the cold snap chef Camille, who hails from France, suffers also with language issues.

Beth irritates the kitchen crew by micromanaging them. Beth pushes the already overworked chef Carly to prepare off-menu foods to please “influencer” customers, which escalates the situation until Carly loses her cool and tells Beth that she’s ruining the restaurant by being incompetent.

When Beth’s father calls her, she breaks down in tears and says she doesn’t think the position is a good fit for her. Alistair confesses that Andy owed him £200,000 as well as demands the entire payment to compensate for his losses while Andy takes his meal.

Andy confesses that he lacks the resources to reimburse him. Alistair proposes to reunite alongside Andy and share the restaurant’s 30% ownership among them.

Who Are the Main Cast Members in the Drama Film?

Boiling Point movie

With an extraordinary cast, the movie Boiling Point is comparable to The Cookbook of Job. Beginning with Stephen Graham playing Andy Jones, who also performed the lead part in the 2019 film Boiling Point, Graham assumes the role of the overburdened head chef.

Alastair Skye, played by Jason Flemyng, is Andy’s bossy and somewhat vengeful “friend.” Andy feels he owes him an eternal debt of gratitude and allegiance because he gave him a loan of £200,000 to help him launch his restaurant.

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Carly, played by Vinette Robinson, is probably the movie’s heroine since she manages to keep the food flowing even as everything around her team implodes. Beth, the troubled restaurant manager that struggles to win over her crew, is portrayed by Alice Feetham.

Trailer of Boiling Point!

Let’s enjoy a glimpse of this trendy kitchen through this amazing trailer.


What is the IMBD rating of the Boiling Point movie?

The IMBD rating of the Boiling Point movie is 7.5/10.

What is the estimated runtime of the film?

The estimated runtime of the film is 1 hour and 32 minutes.

What are the main genres of the film?

The main genres of the Boiling Point movie Drama and Thriller.


The movie was shot through one single long take, giving the scenes a choreographic feel. The performers are all excellent, however not in an overly dazzling way. The best result, in the eyes of someone who dines out for a living, is that it makes you question whether exquisite dining is even worth the difficulty and agony.

It would be easy to say that the situation is being dramatized, and that is true. However, even though the severity and frequency of the trials are exaggerated for dramatic effect, it is undeniable that kitchens can indeed be hellish, as numerous memoirs, scandals, apologies, including legal proceedings have shown.