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Bo Burnham’s Inside is the comedy, music and stand up comedy which is directed, written and filmed and everything is done by Bo Burnham who did this complete performance when he lived alone in his Los Angeles house during the pandemic period.

Bo Burnham, the comedian tells his everyday experience in this 87 minutes Netflix series of film in which he talks many things like talking to his frustrations when talking on video call, telling the issues of nature and how the climate changes and his relation to internet as he alone set camera and performed alone with the help of anyone because of lockdown everywhere and this performance is picked by Netflix to release it on May 30, 2021.

He wants to complete this before his birthday and he completed all his things without any crew member or guest. In his Bo Burnham Inside he portrays sketches related to things which he did in his routine life when he lived alone in his Los Angeles home and also performed many songs.

bo burnham inside

He also calls his mom and posting things on instagram, sexting and even playing video games. The stand up comedy or the music in this Inside tells many things which were common and mostly done by many people when the Covid-19 started and most of the things are calling their loved one, playing video games, and most of the main work is scrolling instagram on our daily basis.

From writing to directing, producing, editing, music given is completely done by Burnham.

Bo Burnham: Inside Release Date

bo burnham inside

The complete Inside released on May 30, 2021 on Netflix and on July 22, 2021 in the United States in English Language and has a running time of 87 minutes.

He received Emmy Awards for Inside because of Outstanding Music Direction, Outstanding Writing.

Bo Burnham Inside: Plot

It is a complete performance of Burnham when he has to stay in his home alone as Covid-19 started and he did his day to day performance in a single room with his hair and beard growing as he can’t go outside.

After motivating himself he decided to do something different and special by staying in home and he performs – ‘Facetime with my Mom (Tonight)’ then sings ‘How the World Works” to tell everyone in this pandemic situation that nature also works in its own way and like we have to take care of it.

He sings many songs like White Woman’s Instagram, Bezos I and also recorded many reactions to the video of Unpaid intern as he done stand up comedy and asked many questions regarding current situations which all are facing.

Many songs are performed in this and he also told that he will commit suide when he becomes 40 and after that also explains not to kill because of temporary things which will not stay for permanent.

bo burnham inside

In his lockdown he plays video games like other players play and also cry in a single room and after sings “shit” and “All Time Low” and performs on “that Funny Feeling”. Many things are covered in this routine day performance by Burnham as he is telling the life or a story of each and every person which every of the individual faces.

So it is a good comedy and music which is picked by Netflix and you can say that the reality faced by everyone during the lockdown period.

Bo Burnham: Inside Trailers

There are so many songs or albums which are covered in this movie or reality presented by Bo Burnham.


Bo Burnham Inside Album received 8.7 on IMDB out of 10 while 94% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Watch this complete album which includes songs and many talks on Netflix.

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