BNA Season 2 [2022 Updates]: Will There Be A Sequel?



Netflix has always shown its interest in the world of anime and they are already grown over the years. From landing all the popular anime on their streaming platform to making a niche, the OTT platform grows. BNA is one such show that has already released its first season on Netflix. The series has done great and is a new one, people are loving it. The fans are curious if there will be more episodes to come for the show in the future or not. Everyone is hoping to see BNA Season 2.  

BNA has already received positive ratings from the audience and the critics.  BNA: Brand New Animal one of the pure works of Netflix that have it was out in the year 2019 was popular among the people because of its appealing storyline. BNA which is called Brand new animal is a sci-fi fantasy drama for the audience. The series is based on a Light Novel written by Asano. The light novel is illustrated by Trigger. After being popular in the novel series, Studio Trigger decided to launch the anime series. The series was first launched on 8 April 2020 with 12 episodes. Netflix has taken the license to broadcast this show.

The first season ended and it did receive a lot of applause from the people. The ending of this season has led people to wonder about the second season, But is it coming? Let’s find out in the next section. 

BNA Season 2: Can we accept it to happen?

BNA Season 2 Release date

The second series of BNA is really in talks lately with people hoping it will be announced soon. However, till now there is no official statement regarding the second series. With all this popularity and good feedback, we can at least accept a sequel. The series was first announced by Netflix and it blew up on the internet. The season of BNA ended on 24 June 2020. At the time of writing, there are no updates about the work for the second season, 

However, the fans are hoping to see the second installment as the first season was not fulfilling for them. Anyone who has watched the first season will think there is more room for the story.

Moreover, Netflix hasn’t said anything regarding this series and there is no news about it getting renewed. 

The average time of any season to renew is 2-3 years and this series was released the last year 2020. Sometimes the series may take more than the expected time to renew a series,  But the fans are looking forward and hopeful for this series.

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BNA Season 2: When is it going to be released?

BNA Season 2

The release date of the second installment of this series isn’t out yet. Netflix hasn’t said any word regarding the second season. The show was released last year and if there will be any soon, it would take at least 2 -3 years. Plus, with all these Covid-19 crises going around the world, we can’t accept the second season this year. 

Last year, there was a delay in the production of many web series and movies due to the cover-19. If everything goes right and the production of the BNA 2 starts this year then you can see the second series in 2023-2024. 

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Where is the official Trailer?

The trailers of this anime series were first released on youtube. Now, talking about the second trailer which isn’t released on any platform. If you are new to this series then you must check out the trailer of the first season. 


What are the ratings of this show?

BNA Season 2 Updates

Looking for the ratings of the show? Don’t worry because this section will tell you all the logistic stats of this anime series. The show is greatly loved by the people and it results in the 100% Rotten Tomatoes ratings for this anime. About 97% of the people over the goggles have reported liking this anime. Not only this but the show has also gone great in the Audience rating summary. The Audience has rated this show 4.8 stars, which is great. 

Coming to the critic’s rating, which is not so good, to be honest. The IMDb rating of BNA is 7.3/10. On the other hand, MyAnimeList.net rated this show 7.4/10.

All this summarizes that the show is pretty amazing from the point of view of the people but the critics are not so happy with it. I recommend that ratings do not always matter for a show and if the audience is happy with any anime, ratings don’t even matter to the producers. 

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The people are hoping for the second season and it seems that Netflix might have renewed this series because of all the positive reviews. The sci-fi series revolves around an anthropomorphic high schoolboy. There are no updates and we don’t know if the studio is planning for another season or not. The people are also saying that BNA is one of the most successful anime of the studio and it wouldn’t be the best idea to not renew the second season.

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