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Bluey Season 4 Release Date: Will Season 4 Be the Last Season of Bluey?

Is the Renewal Confirmed or Is It a Goodbye?

On the off chance that the sit tight for new Bluey episodes has your children (and you) saying toast and beans, then dread not — there seems, by all accounts, to be more Heeler family fun on the way.

Season 3 of the hit children's series is as of now actually carrying out new episodes in Australia, where the show airs weekly on ABC Children. However, gave fans are excited for news on Bluey Season 4.

The uplifting news for fans here in the States is that are as yet 20+ new episodes of Season 3 to be released on Disney+. While the decoration hasn't announced a release date for the final part of the season just yet, new episodes will likely debut in either the late spring or fall of 2023, contingent upon when the season envelops by Australia.

With Season 3 still in progress, the show's makers are already directing their concentration toward Bluey, Bingo, Bandit, and Bean stew's future.

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After a 2022 article in the Everyday Mail guaranteed that the beloved children's show would end with Season 3 because of the child actor who voices Bluey maturing out of the part, the authority Bluey Twitter released a proclamation disproving the cases.

“Some of you have recognized some web-based hypothesis on the eventual fate of #Bluey,” the assertion read. “We totally love the show, and there are no designs to end it. The people group of fans all over the planet keeps on blowing us away, and in the event that we at any point had an update on Bluey's future, you'd hear it from us first.”

That is not equivalent to an authority Bluey Season 4 announcement, however it absolutely seems like the Heeler family's story isn't over just yet.

bluey season 4 release date

Is Bluey Season 4 Happening?

New episodes of Bluey Season 3 will keep circulating on Australia's ABC Children channel through early June. From that point onward, a third bunch of episodes is expected to debut, carrying the season to a sum of 52 episodes.

It's unlikely fans will get any authority word on a fourth season until after Season 3 has finished up. The authority proclamation from the Bluey group directly following Day to day Mail's crossing out bits of gossip unquestionably recommends there will be more episodes brimming with Bandit being a super father and Stew being the chilliest mother not too far off.

Whether that comes as another 52-episode season, shorts, an exceptional, or some other structure completely is not yet clear.

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Yet, the uplifting news for yourself as well as your Bluey-cherishing family is that a lot of new episodes are coming to Disney+. Up until this point, the decoration has just released 27 episodes from Season 3, and that implies there's actually loads of new Bluey content to anticipate — including the arrival of the grannies!

Bluey is an exhaustible six-year-old Blue Heeler canine, who loves to play and transforms regular day to day life into remarkable experiences, fostering her creative mind as well as her psychological, physical and close to home flexibility.

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Season 2 acquaints viewers with a greater amount of Bluey and Bingo's companions and more distant family, as well as various inventive and ingenious games, including Stimulate Crabs, Extravagant Café, Carpet Island, and some more.

The season likewise focuses on Bandit and Stew's relationship with their little girls, as they keep on shuffling work and childcare.

bluey season 4 release date

What's more, Anthony Field, the undeniably popular unique and momentum Blue Squirm of The Squirms, loans his voice to characters highlighted in two of the new episodes, including one of the season debut episodes “Dance Mode.”

Will Season 4 Be the Last Season of Bluey?

In a March 2022 interview with The Free, series maker Joe Brumm implied that his long periods of making children's customizing might be reaching a conclusion. There's generally the likelihood that the show could go on without Brumm, yet his vision has been so basic in making Bluey a hit that envisioning the series without him is hard.

“I never at any point saw myself working in children's TV,” Brumm said. “It sometimes falls short for me well indeed.” He proceeded to add that one of his greatest issues with the medium is managing blue pencils who conclude what is or alternately isn't fitting for young crowds.

He proceeded, “Because [it's] children's television … individuals you give it to kind of believe that is proper. I can't handle that so well — so I think my days working in it are likely a piece restricted.”

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In a similar article, Brumm likewise noticed how blown away he has been by the reaction to the series, and he trusts that one day the children who love his show will grow up and recall Bluey affectionately.Also if you are a die-hard fan of stunt and mind-boggling action, then you should not skip the most demanding series!

“At the point when these children who are experiencing childhood with Bluey currently are in their 20s and 30s and 40s, in the event that somebody asks them: ‘What was the animation you liked as a youngster?' and they answer Bluey.

That is the most elevated praise that I could get – because I realize I still distinctively recollect the best kid's shows that I looked as a youngster. And they propelled me.”

bluey season 4 release date

How Could You and Your Children Sit Back Hanging Tight for New Bluey Episodes?

Indeed, even children ultimately get worn out on watching reruns, so if your youngsters are anxiously hanging tight for new episodes, this moment is the ideal opportunity to attempt a portion of the innovative games at the core of Bluey. A night spent playing Keepy-uppy, Taxi, or Shadowlands will be a night all around spent.

Bluey Season 4 Release Date!

Season 3 of Bluey previously broadcasted on Disney+ on August 10, 2022. Be that as it may, there are as of now just 27 episodes accessible for the season, instead of the 51 episodes of Season 2.

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37 episodes broadcasted in Australia for Season 3, so Americans are as yet standing by to triumph ultimately the last ten episodes of this past season. We'll likely get those prior to seeing Bluey Season 4 Episode 1.

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Perhaps we'll get an authority release date for Season 4 when the last episodes of Season 3 are dropped. Be that as it may, we likely won't see Season 4 until basically August 2023, or maybe even the start of 2024.


The third season of Bluey, was released on the Disney+ on August 10, 2022. Nonetheless, in spite of being on Disney+ for quite a while, the season isn't yet finished. Bluey is released in bunches, with a sum of 52 episodes in season 3.

In Australia, where new episodes of Bluey are released first, season 3 hasn't even gotten done at this point. This implies we're as yet many, numerous months away until season 4.

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