Blue Lock Chapter 219 Release Date, Spoilers Alert, And Where to Read!


Arvinda Dixit

The Manga series has very strongly and beautifully paved the path to our hearts. An array of series with different genres and attractive characters along with the storyline makes our journey of reading the chapters more exciting.

Series like Jinx, Eleceed, and One Punch Man have received huge love from millions of people throughout the world. In this article, we will delve deep into the details of the forthcoming chapter 219 of the series Blue Lock.

What is the Release Date of Blue Lock Chapter 219?

The curiosity of you all was at its peak to know about the publishing date of the new chapter 219 of the Blue Lock series.

Many assumptions were going on regarding it but let me confirm that the publishing date of Blue Lock’s new chapter is anticipated to be May 22, 2023, or May 23, 2023, seeing its past release trend.

Two dates are given due to the variations in time zones and locations. Thus, why don’t we take a look at other details of this impending chapter 219 of your treasured manga comic series?

Blue Lock Chapter 219 – Spoilers

Spoilers are something that can add to your excitement for the forthcoming chapter and can also spoil it completely…you know why?

If you loved the spoiler you will for sure go to read the full chapter but if you didn’t like it, it will vanish all your excitement for the rest of the chapters too.

Blue Lock Chapter 219

Let’s come back to the spoilers of Blue Lock Chapter 219 which got a release date on May 19, 2023.

The spoiler lets us know that Niko’s meta-vision was conquered by Isagi. Seeing Oliver Aiku stopping Isagi to achieve his goal, other members of Ubers also come in for meta vision.

Later, the spoiler disclosed that Niko’s meta-vision was insulted by Isagi in his soliloquy. He very well knew that Raichi took the benefit of Niko’s blind spot to secure himself from the latter’s eye.

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What Happened in Blue Lock Chapter 218- Recap?

The previous chapter 218 titled ‘Game Changer’ started with Isagi and Niko talking about meta vision. Even you would have noticed Uber’s celebrating the win. Raichi Jingo rebuked Isagi when Isagi lost the opportunity of holding the ball. Isagi at once regretted and repented over his mistake. On the other hand, Raichi believed that Isagi was quite close to the spot and could have easily grabbed the ball from Lorenzo.

Isagi later came to understand that not everyone has meta-vision and concludes that only three players have meta-vision at present and Lorenzo could add to that list because of his extraordinary skills. He also realized that Barou also acquires extraordinary vision but his skills and capabilities are limited to scoring goals only and not more than that.

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What Can Be Expected from Blue Lock Chapter 219?

After reading the spoiler of this upcoming chapter, you must have got an idea of what will happen next.

The only idea that comes up to our mind is that Niko’s meta-vision will get failed before Isagi and Isagi will make fun of him. It may lead to more rivalry within the teams.

Blue Lock Chapter 219

Just two days are left starting from today till the premiere of the next chapter. So start scheduling your work accordingly.

Where to Read Blue Lock Chapter 219?

Your inquisitive nature and my understanding of it… make a great bond. Isn’t it?

See, how well I know that you will be going to look for the answer to this question. Though numerous apps and websites are available that can provide you with the next chapter, I will advise you to go for the legal ones.

Crunchyroll, Viz Media, Shonen Jump app are a few of them……now don’t miss out on any chapter of your special series.

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To conclude, the upcoming chapter 219 of Blue Lock will be shared on May 22 or May 23 with the readers. The series has released 218 chapters so far and is still releasing many more. Spoilers are also published which stated that the rivalry among the teams will continue and Isagi and Barou may come face to face in the future.

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