Blue Eyes Samurai Season 2: Does Netflix Finally Confirmed The Renewal Status of the Show?



After leaving on heavy conclusion, the fans of Blue Eyes Samurai were highly anticipating the future of their favorite series. It isn’t the first time we have talked about any series on this website. Our readers love to explore the world and that’s why we are here with the all-new Blue Eyes Samurai. In 2023, Netflix came out with an exploding announcement that hit the minds of anime lovers all around the world.

The announcement of the release of a new anime series on Netflix excites a lot of people. People were confused about whether the anime series is a classic adoption of American movies or a use manga story adoption, however, that’s why we don’t have any official statement on this matter, we definitely feel that the storyline of the series will allow the viewers to hold up with the story till the end.

After the release of the first season, the series received high ratings not only from the IMDb but also from the rotten tomatoes. We know that you guys have already watched the first season of the series and seen how the story concluded at the end.

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Genre Action
Created by
  • Amber Noizumi
  • Michael Green
Directed by Jane Wu
Voices of
  • Maya Erskine
  • George Takei
  • Masi Oka
  • Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
  • Brenda Song
  • Darren Barnet
  • Randall Park
  • Kenneth Branagh
Music by Amie Doherty
Country of origin United States


Original language English
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 8
Executive producers
  • Michael Green
  • Amber Noizumi
  • Erwin Stoff
  • Jane Wu
  • Haven Alexander
  • Kevin Hart
  • Yuka Shirasuna
  • Brad Lee Zimmerman
Running time 35–62 minutes
Production companies
  • Blue Spirit
  • Netflix Animation
  • J.A. Green Construction Corp.
  • 3 Arts Entertainment
Network Netflix
Release November 3, 2023

Blue Eye Samurai Season 2 Release Date: When it is going to be released?

We know that it is common for viewers to anticipate the future of the series, but unfortunately, without confirmation from Netflix, we can’t say anything. At the time of writing, neither Netflix has confirmed nor canceled season two of the show. However, looking at the storyline, we can see that there is plenty of room for the story to expand. 

We are looking into the matter, and if there comes any information regarding the future of the show, will make sure to let you know. If you are expecting a release date, you can see Blue Eyes Samurai season two release in 2024.

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Blue Eye Samurai Season 2 Cast: Who will be in it?

There are enough chances for the second season of Blue Eyes Samurai, to get back, and if that happens, the viewers of the series can anticipate all the major characters to bring back their iconic roles.

  • Maya Erskine as Mizu,
  • Masi Oka as Ringo, an optimistic,
  • Darren Barnet as Taigen,
  • Brenda Song as Princess Akemi,
  • George Takei as Seki,
  • Randall Park as Heiji Shindo,
  • Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Master Eiji,
  • Kenneth Branagh as Abijah Fowler,
  • Stephanie Hsu as Ise, a prostitute
  • Ming-Na Wen as Madame Kaji,
  • Harry Shum Jr. as Takayoshi,
  • Mark Dacascos as Chiaki,
  • Orli Mariko Green as Young Mizu
  • Judah Green as Young Taigen
  • Patrick Gallagher as Lord Daichi,
  • Ann Harada as Mama,
  • Byron Mann as Mikio,

Blue Eye Samurai Season 2 Plot: What to Expect with it?

Wu shared the details of the show, “We want people to sink into it and be taken by the story and the level of artistry and forget they’re watching animation,” said Green. “We would love this to cross over into every interest — that if you like The Witcher, if you like animation, if you like Game of Thrones, if you like The Crown, if you like historical drama, if you like Shakespeare in Love, if you like Tarantino movies, there’s something in Blue Eye Samurai for you.”

“Describing Mizu is almost like describing myself in the way that her journey of self-acceptance was a journey I had to go on,” Wu said.

“Starting in this industry, I was in a very male-dominant industry, and I noticed that if I put in my portfolio with my name on it, I generally wouldn’t get the job because I was female. Often enough, my portfolio wasn’t looked at because I was female, so then I just started using my initials so you couldn’t tell whether I was male or female, and you would have to judge me by the work. That’s kind of what Mizu went through to complete her revenge, and I guess that’s what I’m doing — completing my revenge.”

Blue Eye Samurai Season 2 Official Trailer

Unfortunately, there has been no official trailer for the second season of Blue Eyes Samurai. The officials have already concluded the first season and Netflix has originally released the official trailer for the first season. There might be a lot of people who have not watched a single episode of the series, and if you are one of them, this section is going to help you.

Watch the official trailer of the first season and find out everything about the show. Also, we are looking into the matter and if there comes any information regarding the second season of the Show, we will make sure to update the section.

Where to watch the show?

The series is exclusively available on Netflix to stream. Netflix is one of the leading platforms which has one of the best anime shows all around the world. If you want to watch any anime series, you can head to the platform in order to stream the show. However, you need to take an online subscription in order to watch the series.

What are the ratings of the show?

Here are the ratings of the show.

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After the conclusion of season one, of the series started to look for the details regarding season two. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, we don’t have any official statement that confirms the release of the series. There are a lot of people who are excited to see the second season because of how the story of the first Part was concluded.

I would like to express my heartfelt attitude to eat in every leader who has stated the end of the series. We understand your passion for the latest updates regarding the entertainment world and that’s why we hope for you to continue reading articles from our website trending news buzz. Share this article with someone who loves watching the series, here is everything you need to you.