Blue Box Chapter 118 Release Date and Spoilers: Where To Read?


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The popularity and craze for manga is there worldwide. Every year, we get to read multiple of mangas with interesting elements and concept. Today in this article, we have brought a manga for manga enthusiast and the updates about its upcoming chapter. So, the manga we are going to talk about is Blue Box.

Blue Box is a popular romance sports Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kouji Miura. The series began serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump on April 12, 2021. About to release Blue Box Chapter 118, and we will share Blue Box Chapter 118 release date, release time, spoiler, and more. Let’s get started.

Blue Box Chapter 118 Release Date

If you are looking for the release of Japanese manga Blue Box chapter 118 then, we have a good news for you that the release date has finally been finalized as it is officially announced. For those who have been waiting for its release, here you go Blue Box Chapter 118 is set to release on September 24th, 2023 at 08:30 PM IST. Also look at the release of these very popular manhawas called Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 119 and Oshi no Ko Chapter 130.

Blue Box Chapter 118 Release Date

Blue Box Chapter 118 Release Time

Here’s the timing for international release

  • Pacific Time (Los Angeles, Vancouver): 8:00 AM PST
  • Mountain Time (Calgary, Denver): 9:00 AM MST
  • Central Time (Chicago, Regina): 10:00 AM CST
  • Eastern Time (New York, Toronto): 11:00 AM EST
  • India: 8:30 PM IST

Blue Box Chapter 118 Raw Scan Release Date

Looking for Blue Box Chapter 118 raw scan? Well, Blue Box Chapter 118 raw scan will release on September 22, 2023. The time isn’t far anymore and we don’t have to wait longer.

Blue Box Chapter 117 Recap

In Blue Box Chapter 117, we have seen Taiki has finally started playing for his school. Taiki won the match against an opponent. However, his opponent is now unable to practice as he is having inferiority complex. For more recaps, don’t miss out on Blue Box Chapter 115Blue Box Chapter 116 and Blue Box Chapter 117.

Blue Box Chapter 118 Spoilers

Blue Box Chapter 118 will feature Taiki celebrate his victory. He will also fight with one of his stronger rivals. They have already fought off against each other and he is quite strong. This time the competition for Taiki is very tough and challenge.

Where to Read This Blue Box Chapter 118?

Blue Box chapter 118 will be available to read for free on Manga plus and Viz. The raw format of chapter 118 would be there in the Shonen jump plus.

Why You Should Read Blue Box?

Blue Box is a popular romance sports Japanese manga series. The manga follows Taiki who is on the boys’ badminton team at sports powerhouse Eimei Junior and Senior High. He fell in love with basketball player, Chinatsu Kano. Their relationship took place and the sports career also went on in Taiki’s life.

Taiki Inomata, a third-year student in junior high whose sports journey began with Taiki attending Eimei Academy, an integrated junior and high school with a major sports program. Filled with turns, challenges, and winnings, it will entertain you, surely give it a read if you haven’t yet.


Written and illustrated by Kouji Miura, Blue Box is a popular romance sports Japanese manga series. Blue Box chapter 118 is set to be released on 24 September. The international release time has already been mentioned above in the article. Blue Box chapter 118 will be available to read for free on Manga plus and Viz. For its raw format, go for Shonen jump plus.

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