Blue Box Chapter 100 Release Date: The Wait Is Finally Over!


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Amped up for Blue Box Chapter 101? We have got you covered!! Figuring out that Taiki is really discouraged because he needs to see Chinatsu any longer makes the following portion of the series a really fascinating and, simultaneously, miserable one. To that end devotees of this heartfelt manga series are really eager to read the following chapter.

Today, alongside Blue Box Chapter 101 release date, we likewise have a glance at what really happened among Chinatsu and Taiki and what you can expect next from something similar, notwithstanding the spoilers and reading guide of the following chapter.

Before we can have a glance at the last chapter of Blue Box, let us first see what happened in the past by returning to the most recent chapter to ensure no one is missing anything and figure out the legitimate setting of the plot.

Blue Box Chapter 100: Recap and Review!

Later in the chapter, we see that when he at long last reunites with the group, when of them tells him that he has a great deal of nerves being late and getting lost, and simultaneously, likewise cautions him not to be late to the Ski Excursion, and he shouldn’t fail to remember that it is on fourth and fifth, where he makes sense of that he shouldn’t stress over that because he already has set 20 alerts for the outing.

From that point onward, they inquire as to whether they, also too got lost at the recreation area; in any case, not much time later, the two of them show up simultaneously, and they make sense of that they were taking care of their own responsibilities and they shouldn’t contrast them and Taiki.

Blue Box Chapter 100 Release Date

From that point onward, we see Moriya and Karen strolling together, and Karen tells her that she has a difficult task because she will deal with every one of those freewheeling young men.

She tells Moriya that she is shockingly mindful, she can’t resist the urge to give herself to young men with issues, and to that end she should watch out. Simultaneously, she additionally imagines that the kid with the glasses appears to be alright.

Blue Box Chapter 101 Spoilers and Expectations!

This was when Moriya noticed that Karen was prodding him over Kasahara because she likewise said that Moriya did. Like him, in the wake of noticing her jealousy when Hina was with him.

Nonetheless, Moriya, then again, declines and says that her sort is more the Hottiesque sort of cutie, and the explanation she looks upset is that he knows how Hinachi feels. She likewise specifies that she won’t ever date anybody in that group.

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Later in the story, we see that Taiki is at his home and thinks that time is moving so sluggishly; Chinatsu Senpai returns on the 6th, regardless of whether he is going on the badminton Ski Excursion on the fourth and the fifth, there are as yet four additional days, and that is the point at which he frantically says that he really want to see her, nonetheless, simultaneously, he likewise doesn’t have any desire to see her.

After some time, Taiki went running, and when he was at the recreation area, he reviews the time he enjoyed with Chinatsu when they were playing badminton, then, at that point, close to the sanctuary, when the two of them visited it and lived it up.

Blue Box Chapter 100 Release Date

Blue Box Chapter 100 Release Date!

The 100th chapter of the well known manga series Blue Box will in no time be released, energizing fans. Since April 2021, this endearing transitioning love story has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Bounce and has gathered acclaim from fans all over the planet.

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As we keep on following Taiki and Chinatsu’s excursion to realize their desires, both on and off the badminton court, Chapter 100 will include more sensational and profound minutes. Write in your schedules and stay informed with respect to the release date of Chapter 100. On May 14, 2023, the most recent portion of the famous manga series is planned to reach racks.

Where To Read This Blue Box Chapter Manga?

There are various choices for the people who wish to read the latest Blue Box chapter in English. Mangakakalot, a manga site with a natural reading experience, is a well known choice. In the event that you’re a tremendous Blue Box fan, you’ll be enthusiastically expecting the release of chapter 100.

This manga series has prevailed upon fans all around the globe with its charming characters and invigorating plot. In any case, assuming you are searching for the area of Blue Box Chapter 100, you want not search any further! One of the most famous sites for manga readers on the web, it is readily available on Viz Media.

Blue Box Chapter 100 Release Date

For What Reason Do We Prescribe You To Read This Manga Blue Box?

This reader enthusiastically suggests the Blue Box manga series. This sports sentiment manga was composed and made by the renowned Kouji Miura. It recounts the Narrative of Taiki Inomata, an unremarkable badminton player who goes gaga for his upperclassman Chinatsu Kano.

Blue Box is a sentiment manga that includes probably the most notorious buzzwords of the class while likewise including invigorating minutes from the universe of sports.

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The Story includes a lovely mix of shonen and shojo components. Taiki, who has more than basically a love interest in Chinatsu, and Chinatsu, a spitfire who resists orientation generalizations, are advanced characters. Taiki regards and appreciates Chinatsu past the extent of their relationship.

The account additionally illustrates healthy crushing and digs into subjects, for example, commitment and regard for each other. Blue Box is a unique and energizing manga with a spellbinding story structure that will leave readers needing more. By and large, the Story will leave readers needing more.


In conclusion, the cliffhanger toward the finish of Chapter 100 arouses readers’ curiosity in the Blue Box manga. Every chapter gives an entrancing new viewpoint on the Blue Box universe and its cast of characters.

Fans are standing by enthusiastically for Chapter 100, however there has been a ton of theory and mystery about what will occur. We’ll have to keep a watch out what unfurls, yet Blue Box will have a story that individuals like reading.

Readers who need a more profound comprehension of the Story ought to read Chapter 100. The readers may likewise find out where they can read the series on the web, and they can get familiar with the manga through top to bottom discussions and examinations.

Blue Box is a spellbinding manga in which the reader is never given any sign of what will happen straightaway.

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