Bloodshot: Hit Or Miss- Review For The Film Based On Valiant Comics


David Mudd

Comic book movies are not at all new today. Marvel and DC are at the helm of superhero genre movies and are enjoying the success of various iconic characters like Batman, Spiderman, Black Widow etc. Here is what we think about the newest addition to the superhero genre by valiant Comics’ Bloodshot.

Bloodshot: What Is The Movie About?


Bloodshot is based on the comic book series of the same name and is created by Valiant Entertainment. It follows the story of Ray Garrison. Garrison is a former soldier who dies in combat but comes back to life with the help of nanobots in his bloodstream. These nanobots also give him strength and healing powers.

However, due to his loss of memory because of his ‘death’, Ray Garrison embarks on a journey to learn about his past. Along with exploring his history, he uses his new powers, superhuman strength and fast healing to fight off evil.

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Bloodshot: What The Critics Are Saying

The reviews for Bloodshot are pouring in after its release. Many of these reviews are touching upon certain similar aspects of the film that do not sit well. These aspects include the storyline, the action sequences and the use of CGI in the movie.


The movie has also received generally low ratings. The director of Bloodshot David S.F Wilson has also been criticized for his handling of the story.

Bloodshot: Originality And Excessive Use Of CGI

According to many reviews, Bloodshot is the typical origin story. It features a mix of sci-fi blockbusters, dealing with lost memory, and a ‘feeble revenge story’, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Another problem is the use of CGI in the movie. The movie starts off good, with minimal animation and more focus on character development. However, towards the end, the film depends heavily on CGI, which takes away from the realistic vibe of the film.

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Many critics feel that the movie fails to incite the excitement that other superhero movies do, mainly because it does not veer away from the conventional storytelling of sci-fi blockbusters. However, this does not mean that Valiant Comics has lost the chance to make good superhero ensemble movies.


There are a lot of hidden treasures in the Valiant universe and tapping into some of them may give the Comics a breakthrough.