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Blood Sisters Season 2 Release Date: An abysmal wedding in Netflix’s first Nigerian TV Original, “Blood Sisters”!

Are you a fan of the Ozarks? Is everything about love, friendship, power, and money your cup of tea? This new Netflix release has something spectacular to offer everyone of the fans, so you’re in luck.

Blood Sisters About And Story

Nollywood, Nigeria’s film business, has been booming for years, but a really international, mainstream blockbuster like “Squid Game” or “Money Heist” has so far eluded the country’s film industry.

For a long time, this was simplified down to a preference for locally focused stories with poor production values that couldn’t readily be seen outside of Nigeria. This is all about to change, though, with the rise of streaming services like Netflix investing in high-quality content from Nigeria’s best-known creators.

“Blood Sisters,” Netflix’s first original Nigerian TV series, represents the market potential that’s in store for the company. EbonyLife Studios’ acclaimed producer Mo Abudu is behind the four-part thriller, and you won’t be able to put it down after the intense first episode.

Sarah (Ini Dima Okojie) and Kemi (Nancy Isime) are closest friends in Lagos, Nigeria’s largest metropolis, as they prepare for the wedding of the former. As a result of Kola’s (Deyemi Okanlawon) aggressive tendencies toward Sarah, her family urges her to stay at the wedding in order to keep their business afloat.

Blood Sisters Season 2

The big day becomes a bigger nightmare, however, when Kemi discovers Kola beating her up and accidentally kills him while trying to defend her friend — all mere minutes before the wedding.

An real portrayal of Nigerian culture is shown through the show’s mixture of melodrama, dark comedy, and social commentary. Women’s rights and domestic violence are still prevalent worldwide, as seen by a quick glance at the week’s news.

Taking on this project at this time, Abudu says Variety, “is a really crucial milestone for us.” When it comes to local tales, “we feel this one can go worldwide.”

EbonyLife, the premium Black TV network she started in 2013, has grown into a large media empire with more than 5,000 hours of original programming, including one of Nigeria’s top grossing films of all time, “The Wedding Party,” thanks to Abudu, one of Africa’s leading media moguls (2016).

While she’s signed a multi-title agreement with Netflix and Sony Pictures Television, she also has a development deal with BBC Studios in the works. She’s also working with AMC, Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith’s Westbrook Studios, and Will Packer Productions on other projects.

“Blood Sisters,” however, feels like a graduation of sorts for her production banner, EbonyLife Studios. The initial 13-part plan was reworked into a four-part limited series by working closely with Netflix, according to Abudu.

“The themes are universal — you’re dealing with domestic abuse, dysfunctional families — but it’s actually something we’ve taken ownership of, using our culture and our traditions to tell the story in a way that makes it more authentic,” says Abudu.

“We want it to do well in Nigeria, because of course it’s a very Nigerian story, but we believe the world is ready to take on these Nigerian stories in the global space…The time is [right] now where something from Africa does hit that note with international audiences.”

Although the international audience might be “a bit choosy,” according to Abudu, break-out programmes often have great production standards and “the proper type of sensibility.” A higher degree of care must be taken with even the smallest details, according to the CEO.

“Blood Sisters” is primarily written in English, which is the official language of Nigeria, with a few lines of Igbo and Pidgin English thrown in.

But Kenneth Gyang, who directed episodes three and four of the series, believes that the relatability of the class conflicts and home difficulties would bring viewers in.

Blood Sisters Season 2

Gyang cites the class system as the most important consideration. “By marrying their daughter into this household, the parents of this young lady want to ensure their own financial security.” When it comes to economic disparity between rich and poor, “Squid Game” exemplifies this universality.

Additionally, Gyang was mindful of portraying Nigerian culture and its many socioeconomic classes in the later two episodes.

What is your community’s cultural identity? What about making it simply one-dimensional like way Hollywood used to represent the upper class?” Gyang asks. How about showing the various aspects of life to make it more relatable? Those are the kinds of things people are looking for. As a result of seeing your effort, viewers are taken on a journey inside your culture and the workings of your nation.”

Deyemi Okanlawon, the Nigerian actor who plays Kola, an unpleasant and unlikable character, has already received interest from producers across the world because of Netflix’s worldwide platform.

Okanlawon believes that Nigerians are among the world’s most brilliant actors and performers in general. The way they’ve tried to promote Nigeria in other countries hasn’t always worked out well for me.” Someone from another African nation is being cast as a Nigerian, but they don’t sound natural. It’s alarming. As an actress, I’d want to play characters from various countries and represent my country on a worldwide stage.

Gyang, however, swiftly points out that an actor like Okanlawon no longer has to leave the country in order to become a worldwide sensation.

Director: “People typically migrate to Hollywood because the major studios are there, but today the huge studios are everywhere, and even working in Nigeria.” If you use my method, there’s no need to physically relocate in order to receive any type of certification.”

Blood Sisters Season 2 Release Date

Netflix has said that this is a “Limited Series,” which means that no information on a season 2 release has been made public. Because of the series’ growing popularity, Netflix will likely release Blood Sisters Season 2 as soon as it is finished.

Please wait a few more days for an official release of the series if you’ve already seen it. Details about the forthcoming season of Blood Sisters will be released soon by Netflix, so stay tuned.

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