Blasted: an Amazing Sci-fi Action Drama With a Pinch of Comedy!


David Mudd

Netflix has given the go-ahead for several Scandinavian movies and television episodes as it works to diversify its selection of international entertainment. The Norwegian sci-fi humor Blasted or Blasted: Gutta vs. Aliens seems to be one such film that was included in this category.

The actual UFO phenomena in Hessdalen, Norway, which have now been claimed to occur numerous times a year at most since the 1930s, served as the inspiration for the film, which debuted on Netflix on June 28th, 2022.

It takes a certain appetite to enjoy foreign-origin movies like “Blasted,” which rely on aesthetics and business logic besides what Hollywood typically promotes. Popular Scandinavian performers frequently follow this pattern.

So let’s start with this other fantastic sci-fi film.

What Do We Know About the Storyline of the Movie?


Sebastian as well as Mikkel, who were friends in their childhood, reunited for Sebastian’s bachelor night in the Netflix series Blasted. Unlike Sebastian, who has developed into a professional workaholic who has used the party to network with a possible customer, Mikkel never evolved past the adolescent laser tag genius.

However, when the stag party runs through an alien invasion, Mikkel and Sebastian must band together once more as the badass laser tag team they once were to put up a fight.

The legit Hessdalen lights UFO occurrence, which occurred in a 12-kilometer length of Hessdalen valley through remote central Norway, acted as the inspiration for the film.

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The lights have seemed to float above and beyond the valley and are of uncertain origin. These can appear up or down the horizon and can last from around a few moments well to almost an hour.

Whenever we see this awkwardly mismatched collection of people come together and try to connect, the film is unquestionably at its funniest. Sebastian feels compelled to watch the entire movie while donning a plush bear onesie that Kasper brings with him.

During a guided tour of something like the observatory, Audun attempts to get everyone excited. Mikkel is unable to leave the house without his laser gun. Pelle is donning a silly hat. Kasper does not appear to be any closer to signing an investment agreement.

They choose to enjoy paintball at quite a nearby facility, where they become aware of the residents, particularly those with mullets.

Who Was That Crazy Cast in the Movie?


Axel Bynum as well as Fredrik Skogsrud play the lead characters of Sebastian as well as Mikkel, respectively, throughout the film Blasted. Bynum has made numerous appearances in movies and television shows, such as Eyewitness as well as Heimebane, among others.

He has been generally considered among Norway’s best-talented performers and has won high praise from critics for his roles in several plays, movies, and television shows.

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A well-known artist from Norway named Fredrik Skogsrud has been in numerous movies and television programs. He is also very well inside the Norwegian theatre scene, where he has appeared in several well-regarded pieces.

In addition to Axel Bynum as well as Fredrik Skogsrud, this movie also stars several notable actors in significant supporting parts, namely Mathias Luppichini seen as Audun, and André Sørum played the role of Kasper, Evelyn Rasmussen Osazuwa seen in the role of Stine.

Then we have, Eirik Hallert played Pelle, and Ingrid Bolsø Berdal was seen in the role of Hjørdi.  Simply put, it’s a thrill to watch those characters battle those dangerous invaders.

What Do We Know About the Production of the Movie?


Martin Sofiedal, who is best known for his work on short films including Say hi, Night Snack, The Wrong Guy, and many others, directed Netflix’s Blasted. His short films had won a great deal of recognition as well as awards from major international festivals.

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Emanuel Nordrum, who already has primarily focused on short films such as the Culture and Love Hotel, was indeed the writer of Blasted. The film was produced by Heidenstrm of Miso Film, with Peter Bose as well as Jonas Allen serving as executive producers.

Trailer of Blasted!

Let’s enjoy this movie through this crazy trailer, which tells ‘Bros comes before UFOs’.


What is the IMBD rating of ‘Blasted’?

The IMBD rating of ‘Blasted’ is 4.8/10.

What is the runtime of the movie?

The movie’s runtime is 114 minutes.

What is the main language of ‘Blasted’?

Norwegian is the main language of ‘Blasted.’


Blasted: Gutta vs. Aliens, often known as Blasted, thoroughly celebrates its amusing plot and succeeds in becoming a really interesting film from start to finish.

It has some unexpectedly interesting characters, a vibe that also manages to strike a good mix between tension as well as humor, and a tale that, despite not being everything that deep, works exceptionally well.

As you should expect, that is not a movie that has ever carried itself somewhat seriously, although, at the same moment, it also doesn’t take a wholly comedic stance.