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Sam Macaroni‘s Blackout Movie Netflix Project Is Finally Coming on Our Screens!

Blackout movie Netflix

After acquiring the rights, a brand-new action-thriller will soon be available on Netflix throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. Josh Duhamel and Abbie Cornish are the stars of the Blackout movie Netflix project.

Sam Macaroni, probably most famous for his 2020 Lionsgate Home Entertainment film Guest House, seems to be in charge of directing it. In addition, he contributed to the making of Ghosts of War as well as John Wick.

Underneath its Netflix Original banner, Netflix has indeed published unique films like Apostle and The Most Murdered Woman in the World Yes Stowaway. Coming soon on Netflix are the original series Ravage and Lowering Yes Code 8: Part II.

Therefore, the Blackout movie Netflix project is turning out to be a great one.

What Do We Know About the Release Date of Blackout Movie Netflix?

The contract was signed by XYZ Films, a company that Netflix has long-term licensing agreements with as well as continues to collaborate with. The Paper Tigers, The Devil Below, and indeed The Old Ways were all previously distributed by Netflix in various countries.

Before the movie’s production began around October 2020 and once it was finished in January 2021, XYZ Films started selling it.

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The Blackout Movie Netflix was originally set to premiere in July 2022, so we won’t have to wait long to see this epic action.

How Much Do We Know About the Movie?

Sam Macaroni will helm the Patriot Pictures movie. Jim Steele and Michael Mendelsohn of Patriot Pictures are the producers of the film.

Executive producers include Santiago Garcia Galvan, Joe Mundo, as well as Natalie Perrotta. Mendelsohn’s Union Patriot Capital Management has been providing all of the funding, while Kimberly Hines seems to be co-producing. The Blackout movie Netflix production will adhere to SAG COVID-19 guidelines.

In the Blackout movie Netflix, which is based on a script by Van B. Nguyen, Cain wakes up in some kind of a Mexican hospital with really no recall.

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He learns what he is doing after encountering Anna, but eventually discovers himself in a life-or-death struggle as many rival cartel factions assault him, each of them searching for something that he has taken.

There are other projects lined up too. Cus, an Anthony Hopkins-Mike Tyson boxing film, and J.K. Simmons’ Mike and My Only Sunshine are among the projects Patriot Pictures has in progress.

ICM Partners as well as John Carrabino Management represent Duhamel. Literary Management and Authentic Talent represent Cornish. Nolte is a client of CAA. ICM Partners, Fabiola Pena, and Gang Tyre are Chaparro’s legal representatives. WME as well as Barnes, Morris, and Yorn are the agents for Macaroni.

What Do We Know About the Main Cast of the Movie?

Josh Duhamel, who portrays Cain, is the movie’s protagonist at first. Duhamel was recently featured in the brief Netflix Original series Jupiter’s Legacy. He is most likely best recognized for his appearance in the movie Transformers.

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Anna is portrayed by Abbie Cornish, who also co-stars in the film. The Australian performer has been in numerous TV shows and motion pictures. In addition to Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan on Amazon, she very recently portrayed Cathy Mueller in the film Sucker Punch. She has indeed appeared in Limitless as well as Geostorm.

Besides Duhamel and Cornish, the film also stars Pedro Lopez from Ozark, Lou Ferringo Jr. from S.W.A.T., Omar Chaparro from No Manches Frida, and Nick Nolte from Warrior.

Trailer of Blackout movie Netflix!

We are lacking the movie’s trailer. However, the anticipation will soon come to an end and we will be able to watch the great movie.


What is the estimated runtime of the Blackout movie Netflix?

The estimated runtime of the Blackout movie Netflix is 1 hour and 20 minutes.

How many production companies are involved in creating this movie?

The Patriot Picture, Itaca Films, and Lost Winds Entertainment are the 3 companies involved in creating this movie.

What are the main genres of the Blackout movie Netflix?

The main genres of the Blackout movie Netflix are Action, Crime, and Thriller.


Sam Macaroni works as an actor, writer, and director. In the film adaptation of National Lampoon’s TV, he wrote, directed, as well as starred. He portrays the roles of Chad, Dick Weston Fernandez, & Jeffrey Sutton in the movie.

While Sam was 18 years old, he directed music videos at MCA/Universal Records to get his debut in the entertainment business. He produced a TV show around that period and sold it to MTV. So, yeah one of the reasons for this movie to go high is this guy.

The film, which has a production cost of around $12 million, is directed by amazing artists who also serve as members of the cast as well as the crew. Therefore, there seems to be no question that this movie will rank among the greatest of Netflix’s summer offerings.

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