Blacklight Netflix: Liam Neeson is Back Again in an Action-drama Film!


David Mudd

The 2022 Blacklight Netflix will feature Liam Neeson as such an action hero, giving fans another chance to see the superstar in action. Neeson, who will be 70 this year, is one of the actors demonstrating that experience doesn’t matter and that they are able still to perform some of the greatest action scenes.

Brandon Reavis wrote the story for Blacklight, and Nick May and Ozark creator Mark Williams wrote the script. Mark Williams also served as the show’s director. Earlier, Williams and Neeson collaborated on the 2020 film Honest Thief.

Neeson portrays a damaged, off-the-books FBI fixer throughout Blacklight who has been tasked with saving undercover agents from peril. When one of those agents inquires about the individuals he is supposed to be working for, he discovers himself at the center of a fatal conspiracy.

What Was the Release Date of Blacklight Netflix?

Blacklight Netflix

There was significant ambiguity over the release date as a result of several delays. Many people thought the film will be released in January 2022, however, that wasn’t the case.

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On February 11, 2022, Open Road Films as well as Briarcliff Entertainment launched Blacklight in the United States. The movie was made available via video-on-demand on March 3 and via Universal Pictures Home Entertainment on Blu-ray and DVD on May 3.

What is the Storyline of the Action-drama Feature?

Blacklight Netflix

Political activist Sofia Flores addresses gender and racial justice during a rally in Washington, D.C. From outside her residence that evening, she was slain in a planned hit-and-run by the opposers.

A veteran of the Vietnam War Travis Block serves off-the-books with FBI Director Gabriel Robinson personally as a fixer, rescuing undercover operatives who are in perilous or difficult circumstances, among other difficult tasks Robinson gives him to complete.

Robinson is hesitant to let him leave, even though he wishes for retirement and spends more quality time with his granddaughter and daughter. Bringing in covert Federal Agent Dusty Crane is Block’s current task.

Crane, though, goes rogue and calls writer Mira Jones, saying she knows something about Flores’ passing. Outside of Jones’ office, Block and Crane get into a chase after finding each other.

After making his getaway, Crane sets up a second rendezvous and meets Jones at such a museum. Block pursues Jones to the conference and makes an effort to capture Crane. Before being gunned down by two FBI agents, Crane momentarily informs Block that Flores had been slain on Robinson’s orders before escaping his hands once more.

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When Block and Jones eventually cross paths, she informs him that Crane had claimed to know details regarding Operation Unity, a highly classified FBI project directed by Robinson which kills innocent citizens like Flores.

Robinson is questioned by Block on Operation Unity, although Robinson maintains his innocence and cautions Block not to obstruct him.

Drew, Jones’ editor, uses her sources to create a tale about Crane’s enigmatic passing. The very same two FBI agents who killed Crane as well as Flores also kill him in a car accident as they followed him home that evening. Block’s family mysteriously vanishes in the meantime.

Block is persuaded by Jones to provide a hand in solving the mystery surrounding Operation Unity as well as the murders of both Crane and Drew. He reveals to her how Robinson keeps federal secrets in a safe at his residence.

Robinson is confronted by him at his residence, and he is made to unlock the safe, which is where a hard disc with details regarding Operation Unity is kept. With the assistance of numerous FBI agents who are fighting Block with guns, Robinson manages to escape. Block takes the agents down and gets the hard disc back.

When Block and Jones examine the information on the hard drive, they find that Crane had fallen in love with Flores, the subject of his mission. After Crane became overly attached to her, Robinson ordered her killed. Robinson is forced to surrender himself to the police by Block when he approaches him with the reality of Operation Unity.

Robinson was brought to justice for his crimes; Jones accomplishes her account of the government cover-up; Block retires from his position as an off-the-books fixer; and his family, who had previously been kept in Witness Protection but have now been returned home, meets up with him.

Who Are the Main Cast Members of the Movie?

Blacklight Netflix

The key supporting cast joining Neeson in Blacklight include Aidan Quinn, known for his roles in Legends of the Fall and Burn My Heart at Wounded Knee, he plays the role of FBI chief Gabriel Robinson, Emmy Raver-Lampman, who was seen in The Umbrella Academy and Central Park, portrayed the role as Mira Jones.

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Then we got to see, Claire van der Boom from the Hawaii Five-0, who was seen as Amanda Block, and Gabriella Sengos, who makes her big screen debut through the character of Natalie Block.

Trailer of Blacklight!

Let’s enjoy the trailer of this fighting-filled film featuring one of the best Liam Neeson as we wait to see it on Netflix.


What is the IMBD rating of the Blacklight Netflix movie?

The IMBD rating of the Blacklight Netflix movie is 4.7/10.

How long will the Netflix movie Blacklight probably last?

This action movie’s estimated running length is 1 hour and 44 minutes.

What are the film’s key genres?

The movie primarily falls under the action and thriller genres.


With Neeson’s iconic monologue in Taken, which warned the guys who abducted his daughter about what was waiting for them, the tradition truly got started. He would go on to produce two more Taken films, but his passion for action flicks didn’t end there.

The very same action, as well as drama from the previous film, will be present in this one, as well as Neeson’s natural ability to perform.