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Black Widow: Why Was Scarlet Johansson Worried About Black Widow’s Death

We all were left heartbroken when we saw Black Widow die. Avengers: End Game was a sad movie, 2 of our most favourite superheroes died in it. Scarlet Johannson revealed something that we didn’t know. The death scene of Black Widow was not as we saw; it was much scarier. The makers had to change the scene so the fans could bear with it. 

Black Widow: Will It Release Or Will It Get Postponed Too?

This is a time when movies are getting cancelled or postponed so much. Coronavirus has taken over the world, and the movie business is going down. The producers are scared to release their movies at this time because most of the countries have closed their cinema halls. 

Black Widow will release on 24th April 2020 if everything stays fine. If we look at the trend, there are chances that Marvel Studios can postpone this one too. The business will undoubtedly get affected as people are not going out frequently. Governments of many countries have declared medical epidemic and citizens need to stay inside their homes.

If the situation doesn’t get better than there are chances that Black Widow will also get postponed and release at a later date.

black widow

Scarlet Johansson Was Scared Because Of The Death Of Her Character Black Widow:

Scarlet Johansson told that she got scared when she saw the scene where her character dies in Avengers: End Game. The scene was horrifying, and she thought that it could scare children too, that was the reason why the makers changed it. 

Black Widow Finally Got Her Movie:

Black Window was a supporting character in the movies that were made by MCU. The makers always used her as a helping character, but she managed to stand out every single time. Finally, the makers gave her what she deserves, a movie of her own. 

Black Widow

Black Widow is very powerful and has excellent martial art skills. There is a back story attached to her that only a few know about. With a movie of her own, we will be able to understand the hidden side to the super flexible and intelligent female superhero of MCU.

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