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Black Widow: Production Updates, Release Dates, Plot, Cast And More


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Black Widow: Everything We Know About The Prequel Starring Scarlett Johansson

Black Widow, The Movie

This is a piece of absolutely exciting news for Marvel fans all over the world. Finally, on the 6th of November, Black Widow will hit screens!

The story revolves around every incident that had taken place post Civil War and pre Infinity War.

Herein, Black Widow will come face to face with her apparent past and dodge with a new villain of hers, with the name ‘The Taskmaster’.

He orders utterly skilled killers to go after Natasha Romanoff aka Scarlett Johansson.

The Storyline

As reported, the movie will release in theatres on the 6th of November, 2020.

However, there has a massive question about its release date, given, all the production work are put on hold.

Black Widow

I mean, there’s nothing anyone can do about it either. You can’t open your studio, gather around along with 50 other people and start working on something right away amidst the deadly scare of the virus.

A lot of movies and TV Series are line up in a queue. Disney’s Shang-Chi is in line with Black Widow and their release dates are probably going to be set apart or postpone.

Black Widow is the second female-led movie, after Captain Marvel, which release last year and was quick to notch a billion views and an insane box office collection.

What To Expect

The plot of the movie begins with Natasha, coming back to her entire generation of Black Widows, including her father(or that’s what she considers him to be), Red Guardian.

The movie unravels Natasha’s past and assures us she wouldn’t run away from it, but fight it until she succeeds in dumping all her dilemmas in the trash.

In the trailer that was release, Natasha is seen wearing a white suit which is utterly different from her usual Black one.

The white suit perhaps has a symbolic meaning which is relate to her first mission, her first battle as a single warrior.

Scarlett Johansson reports saying that she’s going to play Natasha Romanoff as a fully-realise woman in this movie, and the flaws she carries with her, just like any other human.

She went on to say how excited she was for fans to see this side of her character.

What’s interesting is how Scarlett is also an executive producer of this very movie.
Black Widow
According to her, this gives her the realization that she controls the movie somehow and that the future of the movie depends on her. True, indeed.


Directed by Cate Shortland, Black Widows is certainly going to blow everyone’s mind.

Pretty much like every other Marvel Movie there has been! What do you think?


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