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Black Widow: David Harbour’s Interview Has Fans Question A “Strange” Fan Theory

David Harbour is now famous for his association with Russia. In Stranger Things, he is supposedly working against and kidnapped by Russians. Now in the new Black Widow movies, he will play the role of the Russian Captain America.

About Black Widow: The Red Guardian

When America was busy creating nuclear weapons during the war, it also creates a super-soldier, who we all know as Captain America. In Marvel comics, the Red Guardian is basically the Russian Captain America. No, really, he is.

Black Widow Fan Theory

However, there are certain aspects that differentiate him from Steve Rogers. Therefore, the Red Guardian does not have the serum, but he does have the strength and courage to become the hero he is. Alexei has to rely on his training and advance skill-set to rise to become who he is.

In the movie, Red Guardian will play a more fatherly role towards Natasha. Therefore, David Harbour’s Red Guardian will be part of a bigger family, which includes Florence Pugh and Rachel Weisz’s characters as well. In the trailer, we see him putting on his costume and saying that they are a family who is finally together.

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Black Widow Fan Theory

Black Widow: Strange Fan Theory?

A recent interview, as well as an Instagram post from David Harbour, suggests something about his character on Stranger Things. The post shows that Harbour has shaved his beard. The caption also says that it is his wrap on the Black Widow movie. He also gives a funny farewell to his experience in the film.

The clean-faced Harbour is stirring a lot of theories among the stranger things fandom. Although the post relates to the Marvel movie, fans cannot help but think that it gives a hint about the future of his character of Netflix's Stranger Things.

As Stranger Things is starting its production for season 4, fans want to know about Hopper's fate. It now seems that Harbour is not the American the Russians are talking about in the mid-credit scene. Therefore, this means that Hopper may actually be dead. However, it is too soon to say anything about the return of Hopper in season 4.

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Black WidowBlack Widow Fan Theory

Black Widow Release Date

Black Widow is one Marvel movie that is still on schedule despite the coronavirus threat. Many other movies are delaying their release. However, Black Widow largely stays the same in terms of the release date.

The movie is going to release on May 1, 2020. But there may be a delay looking at the current circumstances.

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