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Black Widow: David Harbour Shares His Thoughts On Red Guardian’s Character

David Harbour and Russia seem to go hand in hand. After playing the Sherif in Stranger Things, who is later kidnapped by Russians, He is now playing a Russian character in the new Black Widow Movie. Here is what David Harbour has to say about the Red Guardian.

Black Widow: Who Is The Red Guardian?

In Marvel comics, the Red Guardian is basically the Russian Captain America. No, really, he is. When America was busy creating nuclear weapons during the war, it also creates a super-soldier, who we all know as Captain America.

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It turns out, Russia did the same thing. Along with creating nuclear weapons, it creates a super-soldier of its own. He is called the Red Guardian. However, there are certain aspects that differentiate him from Steve Rogers.

Alexei Shostakov does not have Dr. Erskine to change him. Since Erskine dies without revealing the secret recipe of the super-soldier serum or formula. Alexei has to rely on his training and advance skill-set to rise to become who he is. Therefore, the Red Guardian does not have the serum, but he does have the strength and courage to become the hero he is.

Black Widow: What Is The Red Guardian’s Role?

In the comics, Red Guardian and Black Widow share a romantic connection. They are from the same place, Russia, and are even married for a short period in the comics. However, this romantic intimacy is not what we will see in the Black Widow movie.

In the movie, Red Guardian will play a more fatherly role towards Natasha. In the trailer, we see him putting on his costume and saying that they are a family who is finally together. Therefore, David Harbour’s Red Guardian will be part of a bigger family, which includes Florence Pugh and Rachel Weisz’s characters as well.

Black Widow: What Does David Harbour Think About The Red Guardian?

In an interview regarding the Black Widow movie, David Harbour talks about the character of the Red guardian. According to him, the Red Guardian is the best Marvel character of all time. He elaborates by saying that the Red Guardian is a narcissist but also needs people to notice him.

Therefore, it is a much more complex character than its American counterpart Captain America. “He is a classic badass superhero, but he also needs people to like him,” Harbour adds.

Black Widow: Release Date

As of now, Black Widow is staying on schedule and releasing on May 1, 2020. However, with many films postponing their release due to the coronavirus threat, it is possible that Black Widow might do the same.

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