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Black Widow: Breakdown Of The Latest Trailer- Black Widow Kicks Off Phase Four


David Mudd

Introduction (Black Widow)

Yes, there’s lots of hype about the Black Widow final trailer. With hair neatly braided and drawn behind, her body tucked perfectly inside that black catsuit with all kinds of guns and knives to lead her way out through enemies, the KGB assassin turned Avenger, Natasha  Romanoff is all set for battle.

Black Widow

Her battle is all slated for a 1st May release and Black Widow aka Natasha is ready to kick the MCU phase four. It’s really exciting to see her getting her first solo release more than a decade since she’s been kicking quite some ass with the Avengers. So, thanks to the MCU for giving us this opportunity to watch a girl picking up her things all by herself.

Black Widow made her first appearance 10years ago in Iron Man 2 and it was high time she gets her own franchise just like the others and more so because she’s been cleaning up the mess without any superpowers.

What’s Going On In The Plot?(Black Widow)

You can see it for yourself in the trailer and get the idea that the movie will have two strong plotlines being played simultaneously. It will more like the two poles in nature.

black widow

By that I mean, one is going to be a more positive, personal kind of family reunion with all the familiar faces getting together and having lunch at the table. Nothing violent or breaking of bones.

While the other, will be her venture into the world she has kept herself away from for quite sometime. Her encounter with the villainous “Taskmaster” and his evil forces. Well, she’s not going to be alone, her Russian family will be there in the battlefield.

Cast (Black Widow)

Well of course,  there’s not going to be any Black widow without Scarlett Johansson who is casted for the titular character.

Joining her team in batting down the evil army is David Harbour who is like the Russian version of Captain America, as Alexei Shostakov/ The Red Guardian. Rachel Weisz as plays Melina Vostokoff who failed KGB and left of for a more lucrative job and was once assigned to kill the Black Widow.

Black Widow

Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova another KGB grad who was taken to be a tad better than Natasha and was sent secretly on every mission with hers so that the latter doesn’t mess anything up. William Hurt as General Thaddeus and O-T Fagbenle.

The movie is directed by Cate Shortland.



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