Black Clover Chapter 362 Release Date: What is the Expected Plot of Upcoming Installment?


Arvinda Dixit

Illustrated by Tabata Yuuki the series Black Clover is spun around action, comedy, sci-fi, and fantasy genre.

The series follows the story of two children Aster and Yuno who were abandoned at a church and promised to stay together in every condition. But as they grew up, one of them got magical powers but the other didn’t. And the story further continues with both competing to become the next sorcerous emperor.

In this chapter, we will try to delve deep into the details of the upcoming chapter 362 of your beloved series. We will also be discussing the expected plot of the chapter. So let’s begin without any further delay.

What is the Release Date of Black Clover Chapter 362?

Get ready my dear friends. You all will be excited to know that your favorite and special series is going to publish a new chapter for all of you. Yes, you read it right. The chapter is anticipated to be out by June 18, 2023. 

For some readers, the chapter might be available one day later due to variations in time zones. Thus, ensure to take a look at the table below before moving ahead to other details.

Time Zone Time Day Date
Central Standard Time 9:00 AM Sunday June 18, 2023
Eastern Standard Time 10:00 AM Sunday June 18, 2023
Pacific Standard Time 7:00 AM Sunday June 18, 2023
British Standard Time 3:00 PM Sunday June 18, 2023
Indian Standard Time 8:30 PM Sunday June 18, 2023
Central European Time 4:00 PM Sunday June 18, 2023
Australia Central Standard Time 12:30 AM Monday June 19, 2023

Black Clover Chapter 362- Spoilers!

If you are looking out for the spoilers of the chapter, then you will have to wait for a few more days. Because presently, no spoiler for the chapter is available and they are specifically shared a few days prior to the official drop date of the chapter.

Hence, we will be updating the article as and when they will be out. So make sure you come back to read the article for the latest and updated info.

What to Expect from Black Clover Chapter 362?

Black Clover Chapter 362 Release Date

The new chapter might unveil new and unexpected twists. In the next chapter, it is anticipated that we can see more Black Bulls reaching out to Asta.

Thus, in the next chapter, we can see the return of Asta to the Clover Kingdom. And it will be exciting to see how Black Bulls contact Asta as they are unclear about the working of the Compound magic spell. In addition to this, we might get to know about the return of Ryudo and Ryuzen Seven to the Clover Kingdom.

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Are There Any Leaked Raw Scans from the Chapter 362?

Raw Scans are primarily shared for the readers who look out for the English translations of the chapter. Unfortunately, no raw scans are available yet to share with all of you. The raw scans mainly surface on the internet two to three days prior to the publishing of the chapter.

We will revise the article with the latest info as provided, so ensure you come back to read the article. Moreover, you can enjoy the raw scans from websites like Reddit.

What Transpired in the Black Clover Chapter 361?

Now, let’s take a quick recap of the last chapter 361 titled “The Final Force” so that you can connect yourself with the upcoming chapter. In the last chapter, we read that Lucius unveiled his newfound power.

Black Clover Chapter 362 Release Date

After acquiring body, blood, and bone magic, along with his existing soul magic, Lucius soon acquired the ability to create clones of himself. Using this ability, he assembled an army of his own duplicates and launched an attack on the Clover Kingdom.

In the meantime, the members of the Black Bulls ventured into the Witch’s Forest to collect information about Asta’s whereabouts. They visited the Witch Queen and inquired about Asta. The Witch Queen, who was already aware of their arrival, informed them that Asta was alive but currently living in a distant foreign land.

At that moment, Dorothy Unsworth, the Captain of the Coral Peacocks squad, arrived and joined forces with the witches and Findral. Together, they combined their magical abilities to create a compound spell capable of allowing them to visually connect with anyone they wished to meet.

Now let’s take a look at the publishing platforms for Black Clover chapter 362.

Where to Read Black Clover Chapter 362?

Since you have read more than three hundred chapters of the series, implies that you are well aware of the reading platform available to read the chapters. Moreover, I will suggest you choose legal and reliable websites like VIZ Media Shonen Jump app and Manga Plus.

The popularity of these websites among comic readers is unmatchable as here reader gets the English Version of the latest chapter without any premium.

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In essence, Black Clover, one of your favorite series is soon expected to share a new chapter. The chapter is expected to be out by June 19, 2023. As of now, we are not provided with any raw scans or spoilers, but we will update the article with their release. So ensure that you come back to read the article. Moreover, the chapter will be available to read on VIZ Media and Manga Plus.

We are glad to see your interest in the topic and we will try our best to keep you updated with new progress and developments in this context. Also, make sure you bookmark our website for easy access and future reference.