Black Clover Chapter 361 Release Date: Are Raw Scans And Spoilers Out?


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The series Black Clover revolves around Aster and Yuno. They were closed together at the church and since then they were not separated. At a young age, they decided and promised each other that they will compete with each other for the next sorcerous emperor.

But after growing up, they had some differences between them. Yuno grew up and excelled in magic skills, and amazing power whereas Aster could not use magic tricks at all. After reaching the age of 15, Yuno received a four-leaf clover book but Aster received nothing.

Let’s see what turns their friendship will take. In this article, we will glance at the details of the upcoming chapter 361 Black Clover.

What is the Release Date of Black Clover Chapter 361?

Finally, the release date of the next chapter of your favorite series is out. Yes, the series is anticipated to schedule the release of the next chapter 361 on June 11, 2023, Sunday.

With the release of the last chapter, fans’ excitement reached a peak and they were curiously looking for the next chapter. Now, mark the date as a reminder of the upcoming chapter. Also, time and dates may vary due to the difference in time zones and locations.

Where to Read Black Clover Chapter 361?

Some of you must be well acquainted with the answer to this question. But I will suggest you go for a legal and reliable e-reading source.

You can read the upcoming chapter on Viz Media and Manga Plus. Here, you will get English translations too of the chapter. In addition to this, you can also go through the previous chapters, in case you missed any.

Black Clover Chapter 361- Spoilers!

Black Clover Chapter 361 Release Date

Those who are looking for spoilers will have to wait for some more days. Seeing the past trends as we know that the spoilers are shared a few days before the release of the chapter, thus we can easily anticipate that the spoilers will be out by June 5, 2023.

Hence, wait for a few more days and reach back to us to take a look at the spoilers. Because we will update the article as and when they will be out.

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Black Clover Chapter 361 Raw Scans

Disappointingly, I have to share that no raw scans are out yet. Though, some of you might be aware that these are shared a few days before the chapter is dropped. Thus, come back to us on or after June 5, 2023, to read the raw scans.

Till that time, keep reading the article for more interesting facts and to have a quick recap of the previous chapter 360.

What Took Place in the Last Chapter 360 of the Series Black Clover?

The last chapter 360 of the series Black Clover, titled “The Unseen World” enthralled the readers with its amazing plot. In the last chapter, we read about the fight between Noelle and Acier. Later, we saw Lucius recognize Yuno’s ability to match his skills and abilities. Although Yuno showed his remarkable abilities, Lucius remained confident in his own magical skills.

He declared his intention to swiftly end the battle with a powerful attack, aiming to take control of Yuno’s soul. But, Yuno reacted quickly by creating a strong shield using “Wind Spirit Creation Magic: Spirit of Notus” to protect himself from Lucius’ attack.

Surprised and shocked by Yuno’s swift counter, Lucius saw an even greater burst of speed from his opponent. Yuno declared with unwavering determination that the battle would conclude in an instant.

Lucius contemplated Yuno’s incredible power, his thoughts changed into visions of different realities. In these visions, he saw a version of Yuno who had reached his peak strength while growing up in the Spade Kingdom, where the rebellion never happened. But, in the current reality, Yuno had achieved unparalleled mastery over Star Magic in just one year, passing even his mightiest alternate versions.

Lucius was then taken aback by Noelle’s unexpected skill. He questioned how she had achieved such remarkable growth. According to his expectations, Morris should have defeated Mereo, and Fuego should have perished. The Magic Knights should have also been defeated by now. Lucius found himself puzzled by the strange contrast between the reality he had envisioned and the actual events that unfolded.

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In a nutshell, the series Black Clover is soon expected to air its new chapter 361 on June 11, 2023. No spoilers or raw scans of the next chapter are out yet but are expected to be shared by the end of this week.

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