Bitcoin, A Digital Currency


Mohit Kamboj

‘Bitcoin’ is a non-physical or functional currency that operates on cryptography to be firm. They don’t exist any actual bitcoins or decentralized digital currency. Bitcoin is the earliest computer-generated cryptocurrency that any bank and the legit government is not furnished and maintained. Despite being illegitimate, this fact does not bring it down to the ground; instead, Bitcoin is the most activated cryptocurrency in today’s era.

Invention and Working of Bitcoin

Satoshi Nakamoto, a genius who did an incredible and unthinkable creation of Bitcoin. Since 2009, according to the market capitalization, Bitcoin has been recognized as the only cryptocurrency in power, with no other cryptocurrency running against it in competition. It works under a ledger system designated as “Blockchain.” While trading, traders refer to Bitcoin as BTC, its abbreviated form. The Bitcoin transactions undergo “mining,” An assembly of computers that run the Bitcoin’s code. Through this process, Bitcoin is let out into circulation. This system is entirely authentic, where no trader or user cheats through any means. Blockchain is a chain of small packets of blocks, with each block storing a list of several transactions. In mining, to locate a new block that is computed to the Blockchain, one needs to solve backbreaking puzzles computationally.

Bitcoin is the first electronic and digitalized cryptocurrency that paves the way for speedy payments to peer-to-peer (P2P) technology. Unlike any other financial system, Bitcoin can be shared or transferred to anyone in any part of the world. It can be shared between two people without a single administrator, central bank, or any other government and institution. One cannot make money out of thin air. Therefore, a trader must remain anonymous and consider it as stock than cash.

Perks and Security

“While investing, what feels cozy and pleasant is hardly ever productive.” Since cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can be transferred across borders. The transaction fees that the user has to pay are nearly zero or negotiable. This happens are there is no involvement of third-party which helps to erase the need to spend any extra penny as the transaction fees. Bitcoin can be easily bought through several currencies like the European Euro, the Indian Rupee, Japanese Yen, the US Dollar, or the British unit of measurement. The Bitcoin wallet and its exchanging ability help it convert one form of currency into another with no or minimal fees. The Blockchain ledger system makes Bitcoin the most trusting and safe cryptocurrency than any electronic transaction.

Bitcoin and trading can be a side hustle in one’s life, but some people consider it their lifestyle. Even life is uncertain, similarly losing and winning in this crypto world is very uncertain. Making money through Bitcoin can be a boon and a bane for the trader.

Strategy to be a Smart and Successful Trader

One must conceal oneself. Although Bitcoin is decentralized, the flow of exchange is still under some people in power or organizations and the creators themselves. Therefore, it is essential to remain the work under the shed so that the trader does not come under the limelight of any creator or person power.

Many cryptocurrencies are even vulnerable to hacks. Therefore, one must ignore more significant transactions and work securely. Though Bitcoin is very safe and secure, these malpractices occurred during exchanges and transactions through websites like the Bitcoin Era App .

Bitcoin and Mining

The process of mining a Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency require a large amount of energy, electricity input, along with a good deal of computational power. After undergoing mining, Bitcoin becomes a highly energy-concentrated cryptocurrency. However, there is no obstruction or fence in the path of developing cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is one more self-reliant and self-governed cryptocurrency with no obstacle in its path for development. Every transaction and exchange is computerized that ensures no black money or corruption.

During this stage of industrialization and involvement of technology, Bitcoin can be considered a long-term currency as digital currencies are grabbing a secure place for themselves over other currencies these days. Bitcoin transactions have their anonymity. These transactions are entered inside a public log and the buyer’s and seller’s wallet IDs without revealing their names. This makes the Bitcoin user’s transaction completely private. Another helpful thing about Bitcoin is that some platforms allow their products to be bought in exchange for Bitcoins. For example, companies like Expedia, Overstock, etc.