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Birds Of Prey:Director Very Disappointed By The Movie’s Box Office Performance


David Mudd

Birds of Prey director reacts to film’s box office performance

Our favourite Harley Quinn leading her magic post Suicide Squad into a vehement circle, breaking crimes? That’s absolutely about it! Welcome to ‘Birds Of Prey’, a 2020 movie produced by the star herself.

I mean, she obviously thought it’d fetch millions. It did, as a matter of fact. Could have been way better, undoubtedly.

What Do ‘Birds Of Prey’ Depict

Written by Christina Hodson, this movie follows the story of Harleen Quinzel, aka Harley Quinn, after she apparently broke up with the Joker.

Downtrodden and insatiable, she is now all by herself, wandering around the city, fighting the hideous Black Mask and his shrewd assistant, Victor.

Pitiable much, she regains her aura and conviction after she bumps into 3 other kickass women.

Birds Of Prey

Namely, Montoya, Black Canary and Huntress.

Was It Worth The Hype?

Following Suicide Squad which had released in 2016, fans of the DC series were nevertheless, pretty excited about this one.

The movie comes out as a wannabe feminist one in some parts, and a subtle show of badass will power in another.

With its slapstick comedy, exuberant action sequences, agile women cast and flashbacks, ‘Birds Of Prey’ stands out as a watchable film.

And that’s not just about it. Even the psychological complexities of Harley Quinn have been gorgeously represented without a tint of over-do.

The eventual character development from being a poor-little-heartbroken-chick to a Imma-kick-some-ass lady, Harley looks promising.

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Why Did ‘Birds Of Prey’ Fail At The Box Office?

Reportedly, the movie didn’t quite appeal to the viewers, given, the opening day collection was the least among all the DC movies so far.

The film’s unsuccessful box office presentation has to do with a lot of factors.

Okay, well, *coughs*, because it had an all-female ensemble cast?

The world’s just not ready to let women rule, not even in movies, my darling readers.

Birds Of Prey

Subsequently, the director had crammed in too much into their character showcasing.

Half of this did not even match the comic book, as such.

Reports claim that the director, Cathy Yan said she had it coming her way, for she is a woman of colour.

Maybe if they paid enough attention to perpetually match the storyline with how the character acts and forges in the comics, they would have had a massive success?