Bird Disrupts Game 2 Between Padres and Dodgers!


Saloni Singh

While the Bird and Padres were locked in a tight battle during Game 2 of the National League Division Series, they had a veritably special addict join the proceedings.

 As Los Angeles tried to rally from a 5- 3 deficiency in the bottom of the eighth inning with Gavin Lux at the plate, a duck( or a goose?) appeared just outside the infield. With the wild beast likely confused and in the middle of the action, play was halted for a bit as colosseum officers tried to figure out what to do.

Also the Pursuit Was On.

 The grounds crew closed in on the goose, but the raspberry took off. It flew all the way to near the Dodgers’ on- sundeck circle, where Cody Bellinger was standing. He squinched and edged down from it.

With a blue plastic scrap caddy, the crew approached the goose again. It flew to the infield near third base. A worker rushed over and put a kerchief over the goose and dropped it into the caddy.

Bird disrupts Game 2 between Padres and Dodgers

 “ That was enough gnarly, ” Padres gladiator Manny Machado said. “ Just did n’t want to hurt him. I suppose he was hurt when he landed so I did n’t like seeing that, but I guess it was good luck for us. ”

The Bird Beat the Dodgers 5- 3 To Tie the Best- of- Five Division Series at a Game All.

 The goose was a megahit on social media, with one man scolding the game broadcasters for inaptly calling it a duck. Others made puns about the Dodgers‘ putting up a goose egg against the Padres’ bullpen.

The Los Angeles Audubon Society helpfully took to Twitter to identify the raspberry as a lesser white- fronted goose.

 “ Bright lights can flummox catcalls that resettle at night, which this species does, ” the society twittered.

It might have been the first goose in a postseason game at Dodger Stadium since Hall of Fame reliever Goose Gossage pitched for the New York Yankees against the Dodgers in the 1981 World Series.

Meetly, Dodgers director Dave Roberts said Tony Gonsolin, who’s nicknamed Goose, will start Game 3 on Friday in San Diego. still, Gonsolin is a noted cat nut.

Have You Heard the News About the Bird?

 Sure, October baseball is in full swing. Every pitch, every megahit, and every home run matters more right now. Pressures are high, especially between the Dodgers and Padres, who are divisional rivals battling for a spot in the NLCS.

But nevermind any of that. There are more important matters to be heard.

 Because on Wednesday night, there was a baseball goose.

On Twitter, the vibes were electric.

Bird disrupts Game 2 between Padres and Dodgers

 Sure, the Dodgers were trying to mount a comeback against the Padres, while San Diego was desperately trying to hang on to their lead and tie the series with a palm. But no baseball spectators sounded to watch important about that when there was a goose on the field!

While numerous( myself included) predicted the possibility of this being a implicit” Rally Goose” for the Dodgers, that vaticination fell flat.

 Silly goose!

During Wednesday night’s San Diego Padresvs. Los Angeles Dodgers game at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, a argentine goose landed on the field in the bottom of the eighth inning — and instantly stole the show.